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just ordered my Aussie locker...anyone installed one???

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hey just got done ordering my Aussie locker...price goes up Jan. 1st...2 days, so i had to get it in. has anyone installed one? i really don't have that much mechanical work to my credit on my cruiser yet but hope to learn....how hard is installing the locker?
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woody said:
piece of cake, same as the EZ-lock or LockRite

See my tech links for pics I took of the process during a bench install...might help some.
Do what woody says. The install is almost identical. I used his tech article when I installed mine, and his directions made more sense than the regular ones.
therealdill said:
what can you do if there is wear on the parts mentioned? and what tools will i need for the install? and if my existing parts wear out will it break the locker?
I don't think it would break, just would not function as well. Prolly will bang a lot.

What you have to do, is after you have it all installed you need to measure the clearance between the 2 halves of the locker. If it doensn't make sense now, it will. If the clearance is out of spec for the locker (somewhere between 3.xx and 4.xx mm) then you need to either get thinner or thicker thrust washers. You may be able to go to the toyota dealer and get 2 of each size (4-5 sizes I believe) then return the ones you don't use.

The instructions also tell you to take a file to the center pin to make sure that it is hardned or not. I think the only option between material and wear on the center pin is to order a new one.
Ice and snow have yet to be much of an issue for me. The first real snow we got this year was really wet and slippery. I couldn't go anywhere in 2wd. All my rear end would do is spin and slide to one side or the other. Other than that it's been more than managable.
Yes, they go between the side gears and the diff case.

When I did mine, I thought I was going completely mad. I kept reading about these washers, but upon dissasembly I couldn't find anything. So like 30 minutes later I figured they were stuck to the backs of the side gears. :rolleyes:
I believe the grease just aids when installing it to keep everything in place. It is certainly possible it helps it to ratchet before you add the 90w. :confused:

I got mine to ratchet, kinda. I was a little concerned that I did something wrong because it did like to lock up when rotating the tires. Once I put everything back together and drove it it was fine.
mine liked to lock more than ratchet, but I did get it to ratchet. Hope I'm not offending you but I'll ask anyway...I'm assuming you are holding one tire still, while turning the other right, or turning each tire in opposite directions?
I just used a regular set of feeler gauges. I got one that had a large range of feelers. Put as many in as you can fit together, then add them all up.
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