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Well I havent really posted much on here. But just figured I'd post up some pictures of stuff from my neck of the woods in a far away hidden place in NE. Washington state. It's been my attempt for the past 12 or so years to see what sort of trucks I could put together as a person without hardly any money and who doesn't make alot of money.

I suppose I'll start with the "biggest" or at least soon to be biggest truck that I'll have. It's what we just plainly refer to as "The Big Crew Cab". It's just still a garage ornament since I last drove it in on 1-tons and 40's back in 2003. I'm hoping this year it just might leave the garage on the 2.5 Ton Rockwells and the 54" Boggers. It will be running for now a 489 built using as many cheap and used parts Ive wheeled and dealed and traded into (minus the crank and rods I had to buy new), and a 2wd SM465 4spd manual with a divorced NP205.

Since that was the big one, heres "The Little Crew Cab". Another '81 Crew Cab that used to be my main tow rig starting in 2000. I finally decided I wanted to put a Cummins in it. Right now it's all apart. But I have a '93 Cummins 12 valve for it, an NV4500 5spd with NP205, and a Dana 60 front with 3.73s and track lock, and 14-bolt rear with 3.73s and Gov Lock, 6" suspension lift, 35" tires, '89 Suburban nose and doors for it, and a Warn M12000 winch. Along the way since 2000 its had several different 454's, axles and gear ratios swapped around, and other things.


This is what we refer to as "The Truck Blazer". It was originally a K5 Blazer I went to look at for $600 in Dec. 99. Someone had molded a truck cab back onto the Blazer cab making a short shortbed 1-piece body. It was decent when I got it. Now its a little rough, but has gone from 33's up to 44's in under 10 years. Right now it has a "supposed" 496 I pulled from a Suburban I bought for the motor, a 32-spline SM465/205, Dana 60 with spool and 5.38's, 14-bolt rear with 5.38's welded, about 13" of lift, crossover steering... and soon getting 2.5 ton Rockwells. If I want to make a claim to fame it was on TV for approximately 3.465 seconds on an episode of "My Big ******* Wedding" when some friends of ours got married.


This is the '82 Stepside... a truck I never originally intended on keeping. I was just going to keep the axles from it and resell it... but ended up keeping it and several motors later, and other things, its become the best all-around truck for me that I've done a little of everything with. It has a 454, 32-spline version SM465/205, dana 60 front with 5.13s and Detroit, 14-bolt rear with 5.13's and Detroit, crossover/high steer, and a 4" lift yet Ive had up to 42" tires on it before.


This is the '80 GMC, had this truck since I was 13 almost 14, well was my dad's kind of, it was our main truck but he died when I was 15. Since then alots been done, too much to right. As for right now it has a 468 big block, 32-spline SM465/205, Dana 60 front with 5.13s and Detroit and crossover, 14-bolt rear with 4.88's and Detroit (getting 5.13s soon), Warn 12,000lb winch, 39.5 Boggers when its in the mud, and my rattlecan paint job thats coming off now. I'd like to get a 502 for it someday, and I have an NV4500 5spd and 205 that will go in it this year.


This was the truck that I got when I was 15. It was at that time an 86,000 original mile 2 owner C20 2wd 3/4 ton truck with a 350 and SM465 and 14-bolt with 3.73's. Now, it's on a '79 1-ton frame with a Dana 60 front with 4.10s, 14-bolt rear with 4.10s and Gov Lock, 4" lift, Goodwrench 350 with Isky 280 cam, 10-spline SM465/205, and 33" BFG all terrains, and Warn 8000lb winch.

Speaking of 2wd to 4x4 conversions, I bought this '83 C10 2wd with a decent rust free body as a run around driver for $500. I liked it... but it didnt feel like a "complete" truck to me. So I stripped it down, sold all the 2wd stuff and rims and tires and got almost all my $500 back, and used parts I had kept from parting other trucks out putting it on an '83 1-ton frame, now on a dana 60 front with 3.73's, 14-bolt rear with Gov Lock 3.73s, SB400, TH400 and NP205, and TX2 winch.

My Blue Blazer's been through a bunch... its been apart now for a while since its last motor went. Not sure if it will get another 400SB or 383 or 350... depends what I can get a hold of for it. But it will be another small block, with a 32-spline 465/205, dana 60 front with 4.88's and Detroit, 14-bolt rear with 4.88's and Detroit, on 37's, Warn 8274 winch and 7" lift.

The Orange Blazer currently has a 454/TH350/205 with a 60 front 4.56s open and 14-bolt rear 4.56's Detroit... its getting changed to 5.13's and a 396 and 32-spline 465/205 this year.


The Camo Blazer was an original $400 back of car lot deal already with a 4" lift 3/4 tons and 4spd/205. Years later it's now a 454, 32-spline 465/205, Dana 60 front with 5.38's and Detroit and crossover high steer, 14-bolt rear welded with 5.38's, Chevy 52" rear springs up front, Ford 57" rear springs in the rear with shackle flip, and 42" iroks.

My '87 1-ton 4x4 plow truck cracked the frame real bad years ago... its supposed to get combined with this truck and whould be a Goodwrench 454 with TH400/205, dana 60 front 4.10 and 14-bolt Gov Lock rear 4.10, 4" lift, Ramsey 8000lb behind bumper winch.

The '85 K30 project was supposed to be a quick one. Nope. It will be getting a 454, NV4500 5spd, NP205, dana 60 front with 4.56's and 14-bolt rear with 4.56's and Gov Lock, 6" lift on 35's and be a nice driver truck supposedly.

My Suburban I've had since high school is slowly getting closer to re-assembly. It's awaiting a new 454 sitting on a crate, with an NV4500 5spd, NP205, and has under it now a 6" lift with 4.56 ratio 60 front, 14-bolt rear with 4.56's and Goc Lock, and 35's and a Warn 8274 winch.

The Budget Suburban I bought for $350 cause it ran and drove and the a/c worked. Eventually I took some parts I had saved around and it ended up having a Ramsey 800lb winch, an 8" lift, Dana 60 front with 4.88's, 14-bolt rear with 4.88's and Detroit, and for a while a Th400 and NP205 with a 402 out of a motorhome. The 402 is going back in, but its getting a 4spd and 205. We called it the Budget Suburban cause once I calculated all the stuff I resold, and the rigs parted out to obtain the parts it had on it with the 1-tons and big block, I was actually about $600 in profit.


The "Mudslide" is something I got minus motor for $500. Someone chopped a '77 Suburban to make an "avalanche" like vehicle. The 1/2 ton and automatic stuff came out and got sold to give me back the $500 I paid for it. It's getting a 60 front with 5.13's, 14-bolt rear with 5.13's and Detroit, 12" lift, a 454 and 32-spline 465/205, and 39.5" Boggers.

The '72 Jimmy is a back burner project, with a Dana 60 front with 4.56's, and eaton HO72 rear with 4.56's getting a Detroit, 6" lift... probably a 465/205 and the 468 from my '80 GMC if I ever get a 502 for it.

The '55 Chevy I got in a trade for a couple pairs of heads of Chevy motors and some wheels and tires. It's a factory Napco 3/4 ton 4x4 longbed stepside with the original 265 V8 and 4spd manual. It needs alot of work.

And then theres the '68 Chevy 2wd that we've owned since 1 year before I was born. My parent found the roughest and cheapest truck at a car lot in Arizona when they broke down trying to come back home to Washington. Didn't expect to keep it long. 30 years later I still have it. It starts up and runs and sounds exactly like I remember it growing up as a kid as it was our only truck up until the mid 90's. It's a 307, with SM465, and Eaton HO72 rear end.

Well thats it for the Chevys. Sorry to bore people and show so many pictures to whoever made it this far down. Theres a Toyota some Internationals, two buses and a Jeep Wagoneer too. I hope someday to at least get most of them going at once. Maybe its only a dream.


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whats the deal with the fenders on the 82 stepside? they cant be a cut job cause they still have the little ridge thing in the wells where it goes flat and folds all along the arch(hard to explain) and theres not enough space in the front for the corner marker light. are they aftermarket fiberglass?

and i forgot to add in the wheel well looks GIANT

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whats the deal with the fenders on the 82 stepside? they cant be a cut job cause they still have the little ridge thing in the wells where it goes flat and folds all along the arch(hard to explain) and theres not enough space in the front for the corner marker light. are they aftermarket fiberglass?

and i forgot to add in the wheel well looks GIANT
Maybe he did something like this...

If he added a 70's side marker, it could have ended up like this.:D

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Haha, thanks guys, well I don't mean to be a hoarder of good parts, but well, I guess I am. If I explained each deal how I wound up with each part, well its never been a "I went and bought it story"... it's been some long complicated process where I went and bought a truck for it's front axle or winch or lift or tires or motor, or trans and t-case or whatever... way too long to explain each thing.

The 32-pline 465/205's I've been slowly upgrading everything to. The 1st one I lucked out in buying an '84 K20 from a relative that he got. It had a 454 and the 465/205 that was the round pattern 32-spline and fixed rear yoke. Obviousely I figured that someone probably had taken the motor/tranny and t-case from an '85-'91 K30 Crew Cab and used in that truck. I got it and resold that truck with a 10-spline 465/205.

As for the rest, one of the 465/205's came from a load of parts a friends brother had in Alaska, and the rest I've gotten from '85-'91 Crew Cabs people are parting out then I offer to buy the whole thing and part out the rest myself. I just found another 32-pline 465/205 a guy offered to sell me the whole cab and frame with the trans/t-case for $250 (no axles or motor or bed). But I just sold my 10-spline 465/205 for $250... so that basically covers a free upgrade.

Originally Posted by blazerboy85
whats the deal with the fenders on the 82 stepside? they cant be a cut job cause they still have the little ridge thing in the wells where it goes flat and folds all along the arch(hard to explain) and theres not enough space in the front for the corner marker light. are they aftermarket fiberglass?

and i forgot to add in the wheel well looks GIANT

Maybe he did something like this...
Yeah on the Stepside, they are cut out. I would assume they did something like you showed in those pictures. It was that way when I got it. It is one of the trucks that I spent "money" on which is rare. I had gotten ahead a little and found that Stepside and got it for $3900. Mainly wanted it because it had a 60 front with 5.13's and Detroit 35-spline outers and Warn premium hubs, 14-bolt rear with 5.13s and the Detroit and a 396 big block and a Ramsey 8000lb winch. I figured since it was rust free I could swap a 350 into it, some 3/4 ton axles, and stock bumpers and resell it for close to the same after a paint job, keep the locked 1-tons and winch/bumpers and the 396. Then I mud raced it and did well. Then I spun a bearing in the motor. Then I decided since it was already a 4spd manual and set up they way I like I'd keep it. That and the fact of how the fenders were done on it.

Heres with 42" Iroks on it and the same 4" lift... no body lift.

It's nice having a truck that has a small lift but can run big tires, so it feels really stable and doesnt look too tall to be on the street and at the same time it doesnt look like the fenders and body is hacked up like some of the others.

Speaking of youtube videos heres a couple that are about the Stepside:
YouTube - Stepside towing School Bus "Iron Man" video

YouTube - Stepside One Year of Mud Races

Heres a video extra clip from CMT that shows me stalling at the line and losing in the Truck Blazer at a mud race at our friends pre-wedding party. I had another friend drive the Orange Blazer with a gutless 350 and at least he got one winning pass in the video. But I took the groom through and we lost. Ha. I wish I'd have had the Stepside and its motor in at that time we may have had a chance.

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I sold you some 8" superlift springs, off of ck5, back in like 03' or 04'

which truck are they under now? :laughing:

Thats a hell of a collection you got going there.

You could literally spend a lifetime trying to build all those trucks :eek:
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