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So first off I'll say that I like pictures so bear with me......:flipoff2:

Lots of interesting details, and it's not done yet, but I've only owned it for 2 months so I've still got some time.

Specs.......(as it came to me)

1981 K5
10/12 govbomb
stock other than aluminum intake, headers/duals/flowmasters and rv cam.

Specs........(either done as of now or coming soon)

60front full hi-steer, custom diff guard
14ff rear detroit no spin
my own version of a doubler:flipoff2:
52's up front all hangers relocated
63's in the rear, all hangers relocated
interior cage
H1's recentered
Plate bumpers, hidden 12,000lb winch, hidden hitch
tube sliders

bla bla bla bla..........

Album can be found here:

I'd say hope you enjoy, but it's mine and I don't give a shit......:flipoff2:
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Well, I don't like the looks of the bumper, but it isn't mine, so who cares? :flipoff2:

It's a bitchin' thread, with some really good ideas, and good homebrew tech. 782 points for DIY'ing it. :D

I"m going to steal your spare shaft storage idea!!! :D
300ft.lbs x 6.55 x 6.55 x 1.96 x 4.56 = 115,033.615ft.lbs at the hubs.


It's also 7.00 x 7.00 x 1.96 x 4.10 = 393.764:1 crawl......(if both are in reverse):eek::laughing:

It NEVER was an issue of practicallity, it was because I was told I couldn't do it.
heheh don't let ME stop ya... I once tried to see how many levers I could stuff into an M715, without being unnecessary:
1.tranny shifter
2.1st twin stick
3. 2nd twin stick
4. 203 shifter
5. front PTO lever
6. rear PTO lever
7. front PTO winch engagement
8. rear PTO winch engagement
9. left cutting brake
10. right cutting brake
11. rear steer lever.

I've done away with the PTO levers for now. :D
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