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So first off I'll say that I like pictures so bear with me......:flipoff2:

Lots of interesting details, and it's not done yet, but I've only owned it for 2 months so I've still got some time.

Specs.......(as it came to me)

1981 K5
10/12 govbomb
stock other than aluminum intake, headers/duals/flowmasters and rv cam.

Specs........(either done as of now or coming soon)

60front full hi-steer, custom diff guard
14ff rear detroit no spin
my own version of a doubler:flipoff2:
52's up front all hangers relocated
63's in the rear, all hangers relocated
interior cage
H1's recentered
Plate bumpers, hidden 12,000lb winch, hidden hitch
tube sliders

bla bla bla bla..........

Album can be found here:

I'd say hope you enjoy, but it's mine and I don't give a shit......:flipoff2:
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thank you for posting tech, good tech.

is there any reason besides foot room that you tied the front roll bar tubes into the pan where you did?

good to see someone renovating old steel, too. this is the way a build thread should be presented.

The reason other than foot room for putting the down tube there, is that the rear pads are allready drilled on the corners, have to do the front, but when I do, all 6 points are getting tied into the frame with bushings on the end. Up front that is the easiest place to do that.
The sliders are getting welded to the new rockers, and will tie into the cage through those pads as well, to prevent them from flexing up, so I wanted the mounts easily accessable, and in a spot easy to tie into the frame(away from body mounts).
knowing how much a pita the body mounts are on these things, and that youre using longer than stock springs lets me know that you were at least thinking when you did it... just wanted to clarify.

should look great when youre done. keep up the good tech, and thanks for not just bolting on a bunch of blingy shit.
Poser pics of mine, I going to get the better pics, but I can't drive and take pictures at the same time;)
For anybody that knows the area, this is up snake pit.

those are some WICKED pink clevis's on there... :flipoff2:
you only going to have 6 bolts holding it on? please tell me youre going to be using more...I know you build a lot of beef into things. How about support going sideways and rearward to the frame? something to offset the impact on the link bearing crossmember, and the bolts holding it to the frame?

I like the beef. I would want more connection to the frame, were it me.any time you change the trans, you have to remove the front suspension links, which means you have to leave the truck in one place to work on it, at least.
sounds like you have a clue, at least.
You were close... but I put tunnels in for sewers... does that count:flipoff2:
Hey, Clark! Shitter was full!
1 - 6 of 1059 Posts
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