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So first off I'll say that I like pictures so bear with me......:flipoff2:

Lots of interesting details, and it's not done yet, but I've only owned it for 2 months so I've still got some time.

Specs.......(as it came to me)

1981 K5
10/12 govbomb
stock other than aluminum intake, headers/duals/flowmasters and rv cam.

Specs........(either done as of now or coming soon)

60front full hi-steer, custom diff guard
14ff rear detroit no spin
my own version of a doubler:flipoff2:
52's up front all hangers relocated
63's in the rear, all hangers relocated
interior cage
H1's recentered
Plate bumpers, hidden 12,000lb winch, hidden hitch
tube sliders

bla bla bla bla..........

Album can be found here:

I'd say hope you enjoy, but it's mine and I don't give a shit......:flipoff2:
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The exact specifics of my K5 are up in the air, but the shop is bringing out a tube chassis(couple actually), It's kind of changed my perspective lately.

Drawing was done in Rhino, I'm still trying to get solidworks so I can do some cooler stuff.
Bastard. I plead the 5th. :flipoff2:

Everything around here changes. Its kind of an evolution. My heep was supposed to stay 4banger, Ive got a few I was never supposed to wheel, and I never really planned on building a tube buggy. Now though, I go where the shop takes me.
I havent forgotten about it. As a matter of fact I get to look at the parts every time I walk through my shop. I'm going to sift through the new top truck rules, and make a new plan from there.......Tube chassis is out now, which is what I wanted, so I need to re-evaluate.
And up until I fucked up the Bitch, I was having too much fun wheeling for a change to be bothered with another project. It'll be a TTC winner when its done. But I'm no rushing it.
This project is never going to get done. All those parts he looks at is gonna be used to build a jeep. He has done been converted.
Now thats a little harsh dont you think? I'll admit that I do the Jeep thing, but I still dont understand it, and really the Bitch has reached her limitations, shes as far as shes gonna go. The K5 will happen again, be patient

The rig isn't the problem when it comes to you building one. You need to work on tuning up the driving skills. LMAO! :flipoff2:
Do I need to come school you? :flipoff2:

I can drive just fine. But I have much more fun doing what I do.
frikenwoodro has it right. Short story is that my life took a hard left turn, dont have a single rig left right now.
I'm toying with some ideas, but at the moment, none of them are happening.
This build is long dead.........However. Out of the ashes it is reborn again. New thread going already. Long overdue.
481 - 486 of 1059 Posts
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