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So first off I'll say that I like pictures so bear with me......:flipoff2:

Lots of interesting details, and it's not done yet, but I've only owned it for 2 months so I've still got some time.

Specs.......(as it came to me)

1981 K5
10/12 govbomb
stock other than aluminum intake, headers/duals/flowmasters and rv cam.

Specs........(either done as of now or coming soon)

60front full hi-steer, custom diff guard
14ff rear detroit no spin
my own version of a doubler:flipoff2:
52's up front all hangers relocated
63's in the rear, all hangers relocated
interior cage
H1's recentered
Plate bumpers, hidden 12,000lb winch, hidden hitch
tube sliders

bla bla bla bla..........

Album can be found here:

I'd say hope you enjoy, but it's mine and I don't give a shit......:flipoff2:
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Started on the tube flares and mudflaps, still need to be sheeted, but they will be removable, the bracketry will brace the bodywork.

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Got some more pics, first of are the flares and flap hangers on the floor, then the dr. side welded in, cut out to the shape of the inner tube, then welded the length. I'll brace them back to the body later. Next is with the flare clipped on, then how the removable works.:smokin:

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Fender flares and mudflaps are on, just need to be sheeted.

We have a test for customers shit.......It's called the "Carl Test". Carl climbs onto whatever we're building and bounces. If it moves seperate from the truck it's not strong enough. Figured on my truck everything has to pass, so we tested it.......For referance, that's three hundred and, well, .....................We'll say 300lbs. Mud flaps and flares are good to go:smokin: and they still only take about 10 seconds apiece to remove.

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are you gonna stick with those tires for the trail?
I'm thinkin of doin luxton, I'm guessin you are.
I've got my eyes on a set of 47's right now to live on her.

"We" are helping to sponsor Luxton, my entrance fee is taken care of already, just need to fill out the paperwork.
If I can hold it all together, it should be a good show anyways.(for a bunch of ******** that is)
1. LOVE the rear bumper and spare shaft storage setup.
2. I never thought mudflaps could be cool, but you surprised me.
3. I thoroughly approve of the "Carl Test"

We like the carl test too:laughing:......I thoroughly abuse my junk, so if it won't stand up to Carl, I may as well not run it, and if it's leaving our shop, I like to be content that I would be willing to run it myself.:D
Got something else for ya'll that I haven't seen on a chevy yet........Through the body rub rails. Tie directly into the cage, and are fishplated to the body in and out. I'll let the pics explain the rest.

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I've put those on all my trucks, so I've got a little practice, but I'd say about an hour........Kinda one of my trademarks.
I'd rather heavy and indestructable as possible on this one. I tend to break shit.......
intrest level, 100%

interest level, 0%

you do very nice work, and are an excellent faber, just dont do so much of it.:(

I said it before, my shits for me. I can understand the lack of interest, but those tires aren't going to live there. I like the option to be able to bolt them on if I choose, but when it's said and done, I can't afford to drive on those full time. Fact of the matter is that in the end, it will likely get 38-42's and have a lot of room to flex. Besides, The amount cut out really isn't that much more than if I cut out for 42's, and still be really usable.

I'll let everyone know when it's done, and I do appreciate the feedback, so let me know.
Well I really liked it cool fab crazy workmanship till I saw the 49s and dual trannys I thought fawkin cool looks like a simple easy build that can get wheeled a bunch and really get it but now I see a lot of shit breaking that thing is a tank now. I live in the same area as you the terain here is rocky off camber tons of trees real tight shit and that truck is now much to tall and much too wide to really run any trails here, but if you are game anytime you wanna go out id be glad to take you for a run.
Yup, I know the terrain, and I've got some small shit going together. My kids don't fit with me in a little truck, and short of the 49's, everything else makes for a fullsize built for the island. The rub bars and tight fitting bumpers and interior cage will make it fit most places that an exoed toy will.
As for the trannies, I've had them forever, and been wanting to run them again. I've my arguments why, or why not, but that's like asking why run duals in a Toy.? or put a 22re in a zuk?
This will work, and is damned near bulletproof. There's a few lines I want to take in a few places that the 49's will walk on, and with smaller tires I'll follow you anywhere.

I'll see you out there buddy;)
I got shown that after my first one. I just don't like that they don't look like spiders.
Got a couple mostly finished pics of the rub bars, the very front and rear braces are just plated to the body and the middle 4 go to the cage.
Other pics are of my almost finished shackle flip, I've had the shackles for a while, I built them and had them on my s10, and the hangers have 4 locations so I can tune the rear suspension depending on what tires I have on at the time, or how I want it to ride. I reworking the front and rear hangers right now, fixing the rear pinion angle and getting a little more driveshaft, about 2 more inches for the 49's. Once that's done I'm building some adjustable bumpstops, 1 location for the 49's and 1 or 2 more for other tire sizes.
I've also got a real trick tailgate going together........I haven't seen one like it, so I'm gonna call it an original. I'll snap pics of that in the next couple days.

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Got my shackle flip brackets in and welded, and made a set of shims to correct the pinion angle. Welded the shims to the perches, and slapped on a truss in prep the the anti-wrap.

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Built this while I was at it tonight, I have a major history of broken driveshafts, between this and the anti-wrap that's going together, I'm hoping to break the habit.

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Tied the truss into the pinion guard today, to try to keep the tubes intact with the chunk, and finished a bunch of other welding. Shit should start moving really quick here again.

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My antiwrap is actually going to tie into the tubes, truss, and pinion guard, from both sides. My pinion guard will take it, especially since it's got a 3/8" flange, the pipe is * I believe 6" sch40. The tubes and truss would likely hold it, but I've got it worked out so that the antiwrap will lie directly under the driveshaft and only lose minimal ground clearance, but only forward and up of the guard. It's got to be beefy to stand up to the 49's/400:1/250-300hp. Tires will go down to 42's or so, but I break a lot of driveshafts, Essentially, I'll have a 1-link on leaves. Should have pics of it soon.
Started into the sliders, built on the bench, welded directly to the rockers, and fishplated for a little strength. Next up is how they tie into the cage through the floor and to the frame.

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Sliders all welded up.

Got my new seats, now I can finish the cage

And got my YJ long bikini top put on. It needs a couple tabs so the rear straps keep it tighter, but the width is right, it was dirt cheap nearly new, and most of the straps happen to line up.

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Got to screwing with the front trans shifter, it's a touch to sloppy to get reverse, but just needs some fine tuning.;)

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