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Hey Guys,

Kaiser-Jeep M109A3 (BTW, I know some people don't like the cargo box, I can swap it to a cargo bed for a couple hundred)

It has just over 50K on the clock, I've personally put almost 1500 miles on the truck in the last half-year. I bought two trucks for some friends, and one backed out. I want to keep it, but I just don't have the time. :(

The entire fuel system has been cleaned, and all fuel filters replaced. I also did an oil change. I've given the truck a good once over and its in great shape. I've taken it out several times off-roading, everything works as it should. Truck was reconditioned in 92. The only thing I would do in the future would be maybe some new tires. They are probably 50%, and a little old. They drive just fine though. Truck has some light surface rust on some parts of the body, but nothing major and NOTHING besides body panels/bumpers. All of the "guts" look great.

The only modification it has is a self made fording kit (snorkel and some breathers) and a 24v digital pyrometer. I did turn up the fuel a little bit (All 109's seem turned down for some reason). WELL within the limits though. Just enough to wake it up a little bit.

Its a continental motor, with the updated D turbo. Air shift front axle, hard top, and a heater.

$3000 for it with an insulated soft top, and no heater. Or $3500 with the heater and hard top.

Located in Tampa, Florida

Edit: Pics. (the one on the right)

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