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Kawasaki recently invited journalists to Lincoln Nebraska for a tour of their manufacturing plant and to ride their newest Mule - the 2015 Kawasaki Mule PRO-FXT. I was lucky enough to get the invite and was thoroughly impressed with their operation.

In 1974, Kawasaki established a new motorcycle factory in Lincoln, Nebraska, which was the first U.S. manufacturing site for Japanese motorcycle/automobile makers. In January 1975, the new plant started producing the KZ series motorcycles, and in the same year also began producing Jet Ski watercraft.

The consumer products manufacturing facility in Lincoln, located on 335 acres of land, has grown since its opening in 1974 from the original 286,000 square feet to nearly 1.3 million square feet of manufacturing, office and warehouse space. In 2001, the rail car plant was completed at the Lincoln site, adding 437,000 square feet for light rail car manufacturing. Over 1,000 people work at the Lincoln facilities, making KMM a major employer in the Lincoln area. In 1989 the Maryville Plant was opened for production of general purpose engines. The Maryville facility has grown to over 700,000 square feet on 113.7 acres of land employing over 600 people. KMM Research and Development Centers are located at the Lincoln and Maryville facilities to meet customer demands as quickly as possible.

The Lincoln plant is an impressive facility that does much more than just assembly. The plant does all the steel cutting, bending, welding, injection molding, painting and more. They even manufacture their own steel wheels from scratch right there in Lincoln.

And what is really impressive is Kawasaki uses robots and other machinery that are made by Kawasaki!

Read more: Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Plant Tour

Kawasaki manufactures steel wheels for their ATVs/UTVs and also many other manufacturers.

Computerized Tube Notcher

Computer controlled welder

RealTree Camo being dipped on a Mule hood with a Kawasaki robot.
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