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New years eve I took my box stock Teryx 4 out to the Hammers to see what it would do before I start throwing parts at it. When I showed up in camp and said I was going to go run Chocolate thunder my friends told me No-Way, its getting pretty torn up, and Camo rolled over on it the night before. I had some second thoughts but decided I was going to at least get my feet wet, and if I had to I would winch out. Well no winch required it made it the whole way through the trail with no real damage to speak of. We did have to employ the old spotter strap trick from the early days of Rock crawling comps, but we never had to get mechanical assistance what so ever.

The rig felt stable the whole time, and never felt like it would roll over. I heard a report of one other person trying this trail and rolling over back ward in a Yamaha, but other than that I don't know of anyone that has run it in a UTV before me.

Proof here

That makes the 4th trail I have run at the Hammers in a UTV
Aftershock Down
Martel both directions many times (6 or 7 each way)
Elvis down 3 times.
Chocolate Thunder up

I am going to try Jack, or Sledge next time I get out there. I know a few people have run Crow bar already in UTV's
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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