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Im wondering if there is anyone in the Kennesaw / Acworth / Dallas area who could help me out.

I have next to zero experience / knowledge of tube work or welding. What im wondering is if theres anyone in the area that has a shop and wouldn't mind if I "shadowed" you a bit and maybe pick up some pointers. I can read up all day on the stuff, but seeing it in action would be alot better.

Im not looking for handouts or free work on my jeep, nothing like that. Im just looking to sit back and learn a bit. Not many of my friends wheel, and the ones that do dont weld or anything of the sorts.

So if someone has a shop in the area and wouldn't mind letting me sit in and lean, that would be great.

a beer for knowledge bartering system could be set in place

-thanks guys

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I could always use some slave labor, I mean free help... Shoot me a PM there is a group of us in NWGA that if we're not wheeling, we're usually wrenching on something...
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