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hey there iam new here posted in the wrong section earlier but they told me to reply a thread here

my name is jon emilsson living in sweden but like big trucks and my older brother
björn emilsson is competing in monsterraces in sweden it a two lane track with warious hi and low bumps and often a little swamp section in the end

anyway iam drawing a painting fore him for his birth day seens he just bougth the truck a month ago

ive been drawing cars seens i was 6 i think as long as i can remember :p anyway iam 24 rigth now and i almost forgot feel free to ask if you got any ideas you want down on a paper perspectiview could be helpful for someone you never know always fun to help if i can dont have the money to build my self so i draw instead :)

rigth the drawing hehe here is the drawing and the ref pic please if you se somthing that you dont feal fits to the drawing tell me

and some other pics ive done

and my workstation


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only spec ive got fore the moment is

tube frame

hydraulic suspention

60 inch tractor tires

plastic chevy silverado body 4 peaces

big block chevy dont know the CC around 600 hp

used swedish military vehicle axels

hope that helps

will check with him for more info :)

and here a video with his old and new truck the yellow T-ford THING is his old truck that to with hydraulic suspention and a small block ford engine with about 550 hp before he sold it and he has a little suzuki smurai with 350 hp turbocharged 4cylinder volvo 740 engine but the suzuki isnt in the video
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