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POSTED 2/24/08 1:29PM
posted by Lance

Times for KOH

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Shannon Campbell35438:20:30 AM8:34:03 AM8:46:39 AM8:50:40 AM8:58:08 AM9:12:01 AM9:26:48 AM9:36:54 AM9:55:30 AM10:10:03 AM10:19:46 AM10:37:22 AM10:53:47 AM11:13:38 AM11:25:01 AM3:04:311
Casie Currey14238:11:00 AM8:23:44 AM8:36:04 AM8:40:16 AM8:50:05 AM9:07:55 AM9:25:35 AM9:38:54 AM10:05:18 AM10:20:21 AM10:32:20 AM10:43:17 AM11:02:54 AM11:20:06 AM11:31:50 AM3:20:502
Rick Mooneyham554268:12:30 AM8:27:00 AM8:40:22 AM8:44:44 AM8:57:46 AM9:15:33 AM9:32:16 AM10:09:41 AM10:24:22 AM10:39:11 AM10:51:12 AM11:09:55 AM11:28:10 AM11:39:22 AM3:26:523
Doug Bigelow5428:20:00 AM8:54:29 AM9:02:36 AM9:31:36 AM9:49:56 AM10:04:35 AM10:38:51 AM10:57:13 AM11:26:15 AM11:43:32 AM12:07:24 PM12:19:54 PM3:59:544
Joachim Schwieson001408:19:00 AM8:32:14 AM8:46:46 AM8:54:19 AM8:58:56 AM9:23:22 AM10:01:45 AM10:14:13 AM11:08:06 AM11:25:43 AM11:42:37 AM12:07:33 PM12:27:17 PM12:39:26 PM4:20:265
Brett Porter2058:02:00 AM8:20:30 AM8:35:13 AM8:40:09 AM8:50:20 AM9:20:14 AM9:36:26 AM9:52:08 AM10:31:56 AM10:53:04 AM11:22:45 AM11:48:28 AM12:15:35 PM12:27:54 PM4:25:546
Richard Gauthier52188:08:30 AM8:24:15 AM8:38:55 AM8:51:16 AM9:00:15 AM9:18:22 AM9:35:50 AM9:49:00 AM11:08:45 AM11:21:35 AM11:34:16 AM11:46:09 AM12:10:14 PM12:31:25 PM12:44:50 PM4:36:207
Dean Bulloch9118:05:00 AM8:19:20 AM8:31:30 AM8:35:30 AM8:43:52 AM8:58:54 AM9:14:30 AM9:33:54 AM9:53:04 AM10:09:03 AM10:21:41 AM10:32:26 AM12:05:49 PM12:31:10 PM12:45:25 PM4:40:258
Jack Adams284258:12:00 AM8:26:38 AM8:51:44 AM5:56:40 AM9:06:26 AM9:25:26 AM9:42:17 AM9:56:20 AM11:07:26 AM11:29:36 AM11:48:12 AM12:34:44 PM12:54:15 PM1:07:07 PM4:55:079
Eric Anderson13fu248:11:30 AM8:27:23 AM8:42:54 AM8:47:00 AM8:59:25 AM9:25:20 AM9:53:30 AM10:22:00 AM10:58:41 AM11:20:30 AM11:38:42 AM11:55:20 AM12:38:12 PM1:01:10 PM1:15:15 PM5:03:4510
Josh Murray2918:00:00 AM8:21:25 AM8:30:50 AM8:35:13 AM8:47:38 AM9:09:35 AM9:33:30 AM9:40:55 AM10:30:16 AM11:09:28 AM11:37:24 AM12:12:06 PM12:32:32 PM12:55:46 PM1:12:35 PM5:12:3511
Drew Burroughs1328:15:00 AM8:28:38 AM8:39:57 AM8:44:25 AM9:04:10 AM9:18:44 AM9:34:59 AM9:52:00 AM11:18:50 AM11:51:59 AM12:24:59 PM12:54:58 PM1:28:38 PM5:13:3812
Hobie Smith10448:21:00 AM9:00:20 AM9:24:44 AM9:59:55 AM10:23:08 AM10:50:55 AM11:12:32 AM11:37:36 AM12:05:18 PM12:24:35 PM12:39:46 PM1:01:33 PM1:24:19 PM1:48:22 PM2:01:32 PM5:40:3213
John James28418:19:30 AM8:51:13 AM8:55:52 AM9:33:07 AM9:55:00 AM10:32:28 AM11:35:57 AM12:10:07 PM12:29:18 PM12:47:42 PM1:46:38 PM2:06:24 PM5:46:5414
Nicole Johnson814338:15:30 AM8:34:18 AM8:50:21 AM8:58:00 AM9:09:13 AM9:30:09 AM10:32:06 AM10:58:55 AM11:28:34 AM11:53:45 AM12:09:24 PM12:36:19 PM1:48:39 PM2:10:51 PM2:25:12 PM6:09:4215
Jack Graef99358:16:30 AM8:52:54 AM8:57:55 AM9:31:10 AM10:02:27 AM10:24:10 AM11:17:20 AM11:53:39 AM12:42:26 PM1:50:09 AM2:15:19 PM2:27:27 PM6:10:5716
Roger Lovell3268:02:30 AM9:15:40 AM9:30:33 AM9:35:41 AM10:18:27 AM10:42:34 AM11:13:47 AM11:49:24 AM12:14:40 PM12:30:51 PM12:47:05 PM1:33:11 PM2:00:58 PM2:14:45 PM6:12:1517
Scott Ellinger8378:17:30 AM8:36:08 AM8:51:25 AM5:56:30 AM9:13:13 AM10:18:00 AM10:39:03 AM11:06:56 AM11:31:05 AM12:06:57 PM12:24:02 PM12:49:20 PM1:52:38 AM2:16:17 PM2:32:54 PM6:15:2418
Eric Holder4188:03:30 AM8:20:40 AM8:34:55 AM8:40:12 AM8:51:07 AM9:11:25 AM9:48:30 AM11:25:02 AM12:04:39 PM12:23:40 PM12:46:00 PM1:45:22 PM2:13:32 PM2:29:30 PM6:26:0019
John Reynolds18178:03:00 AM8:16:39 AM8:29:05 AM8:33:26 AM8:41:36 AM8:57:07 AM9:11:40 AM9:22:03 AM9:39:34 AM9:53:35 AM10:04:25 AM10:13:34 AM1:37:37 PM2:10:03 PM2:31:46 PM6:28:4620
Ian Plaine138138:06:00 AM8:19:16 AM8:31:48 AM8:36:36 AM9:53:33 AM10:32:40 AM11:02:48 AM2:03:25 PM2:31:52 PM3:00:20 PM6:54:2021
Chris Geiger02948:01:30 AM8:17:07 AM8:37:30 AM8:42:12 AM8:54:24 AM9:18:16 AM11:19:25 AM11:37:42 AM12:05:14 PM12:37:50 PM12:53:45 PM2:10:38 PM2:44:34 PM3:22:02 PM7:20:3222
Tom Wayes321168:07:30 AM8:20:44 AM8:32:50 AM8:38:12 AM8:50:53 AM9:17:12 AM9:32:08 AM9:55:16 AM10:12:01 AM11:09:05 AM12:29:47 PM3:37:51 PM7:30:2123
Jeff Mello77208:09:30 AM8:23:43 AM8:38:25 AM8:44:50 AM8:55:30 AM11:18:25 AM11:37:05 AM1:40:55 PM2:05:08 PM2:24:23 PM2:42:55 PM3:44:04 PM7:34:3424
Bart Dixon2628:00:30 AMDNFDNF
Randy Slauson12738:01:00 AM8:14:48 AM8:27:40 AM8:31:44 AM8:41:14 AM8:56:00 AM9:10:20 AM9:21:41 AM11:46:30 AMDNFDNF
Drew Goldie61298:04:00 AM8:21:10 AM8:36:44 AM8:41:29 AM8:54:10 AM9:17:42 AM9:36:18 AM9:53:04 AM10:34:16 AM11:14:14 AM11:33:53 AM1:01:25 PM2:00:09 AMDNFDNF
Becca Webster88128:05:30 AM8:21:57 AM8:37:05 AM8:42:00 AM8:54:40 AM9:17:06 AM9:36:55 AM10:03:03 AM11:34:31 AMDNFDNF
RJ Brown555148:06:30 AMDNFDNF
Brad Lovell232158:07:00 AM8:19:10 AM8:31:20 AM8:31:19 AM8:53:52 AM9:53:52 AMDNFDNF
Kevin Yoder34198:09:00 AM8:24:29 AM8:39:38 AM8:46:31 AM8:55:42 AMDNFDNF
Pete Sohren40218:10:00 AM8:42:20 AM9:07:27 AM10:06:50 AM10:20:58 AM10:42:58 AM11:01:20 AMDNFDNF
Jody Everding619228:10:30 AM8:26:10 AMDNFDNF
Jeremy Toney797298:13:30 AM8:28:09 AM8:42:15 AM8:47:53 AMDNFDNF
Cottin Rodd7308:14:00 AM8:31:10 AM8:45:10 AM8:53:35 AM9:23:22 AMDNFDNF
Derek Trent22318:14:30 AM8:28:56 AM8:42:08 AM8:46:47 AM8:57:45 AM9:29:09 AM10:01:52 AM10:41:21 AMDNFDNF
Tracy Jordan112348:16:00 AM8:13:04 AM8:45:56 AMDNF9:02:03 AMDNF
Larry Gipson96368:17:00 AM9:39:21 AMDNFDNF
Weston Blackie781398:18:30 AM8:57:57 AM9:12:50 AM9:26:30 AMDNFDNF
Larry Trim1231278:21:30 AM8:34:18 AM9:40:25 AM9:57:33 AM10:02:57 AM10:43:08 AM11:10:05 AMDNFDNF
Brandon Johnson133388:18:00 AM8:32:14 AM8:46:00 AM8:51:27 AM9:31:39 AM9:52:48 AMDNFDNF
JT Taylor13108:04:30 AM8:19:24 AM8:32:43 AM8:39:50 AM8:49:30 AM9:07:16 AM9:24:44 AM9:38:10 AM9:58:34 AM2:03:04 PMDNF
Carrie Steiner23178:08:00 AM8:23:30 AM8:37:41 AM8:42:06 AM8:54:32 AM9:15:07 AM10:21:35 AM10:52:53 AM12:05:40 PM1:36:53 PM2:03:04 PM2:55:15 PM4:30:00 AM
Craig Thompson63288:13:00 AM8:59:00 AM9:15:37 AM9:26:16 AM9:29:53 AM10:15:45 AM10:39:53 AM11:24:35 AM12:10:53 PM12:37:27 PM1:25:27 PM2:20:05 PMDNF

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