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UPDATED 2010-02-17 at 8:30PM PST
by Lance Clifford

Here is the unedited video from the live video feed of the first 8 KOH finishers. Sick back, relax, and watch the top finishers cross the line, and see what they have to say.

UPDATED 2010-02-17 at 6:30PM PST
by Lance Clifford

Here is the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers Highlight Video by Heavy Metal Concepts!

UPDATED 2010-02-14 at 11:30AM PST
by Lance Clifford

Well I finally made it home, and am decompressing from 11 days in the desert. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and I think rock sports as a whole took a giant leap forward once again thanks to Dave Cole and Jeff Knoll. The 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers was one for the history books, and will certainly be tough to beat. I talked to an industry leader about this, and they were optimistic, but did say "what goes up, MUST come down". So the question is, has KOH hit its pinnacle, or the million dollar question, are they just getting warmed up? I'm sure Jeff and Dave would say the latter...

When scanning through the thousands of KOH posts on the Pirate Bulletin Board, there really wasn't much mention of Loren Healy possibly becoming The King. That's because he wasn't even qualified for KOH, he had to race his way in on day 2 of the LCQ in the mud. As Loren left the line, Nolen the "Rock Midget" told me, "Dude, that guy is fast, it wouldn't surprise me to see him win the big race. He is a REALLY good driver." I nodded, but didn't take it into heavy consideration as I just didn't know enough about the 667 Rocker from Farmington, NM.

Well to my surprise, Mr. Loren Healy now has $15,000 more in his bank account, and is the 2010 Griffin KING of the Hammers. He beat Mr. Win-Everything Brad Lovell by a mere 28 seconds after 135 grueling miles which made for a dramatic finish at the finish line while they computed the times. My appologies for practically giving Mrs. Healy a heart attack on the live blog! Loren has some big shoes to fill as Jason Scherer certainly was a great representative of our sport as The King. From what I've seen of Loren so far, he too is a class act and will represent the Rock Sports World well. My congratulations go out to Loren, his co-driver, crew, family and sponsors that made it happen. It certainly wasn't a fluke, there were many big names behind him that he beat fair and square. He raced his ass off...

I've got to say, doing live event coverage in the middle of BFE is probably the toughest thing I've ever done. Just like racing, every little detail matters. Also like racing, you have to work off of a budget. We broke the bank and then some on this race, bringing a literal army of people and equipment to help make it all happen. From my Dad and step mom watching my baby on the lake bed, to Josh being my personal gopher, to Todd and Kevin driving the new Pirate van all the way from Northern CA to Parker, AZ, then to the Hammers and then back up to Nor Cal, to the photographers and video guys, we had a lot of help and couldn't have done it without them. There are many unmentioned people who we couldn't have done it without as well. Everyone was a pleasure to work with. I know those of you at home didn't enjoy a 1080p HD quality broadcast on your computer screens, but it was the best we could do given the conditions, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed what you got to see. We did our best to bring you a week of action, with thousands of photos, live blog/chats, the live video streams, and of course videos by Heavy Metal Concepts.

Speaking of HMC, have you checked out Will's videos? This guy is ridiculously talented, and I am honored to have him working on projects with us now, and hopefully in the future. Check out his stuff here - http://www.heavymetalconcepts.com You can view his Tuesday LCQ video here.

His Wednesday LCQ video is now online and can be viewed right here:

Will is also working on a race day video that should be online by mid-week if all goes well. It should have some great action including on-board footage and more.

I almost forgot to thank Mr. UTV Stud Jon Crowley for his continued help with our efforts. Jon provided a ton of the photos seen in the gallery, and also provided a few videos. Here's a great video of Roger Norman being passed by the Ballistic 282 rig:

Not sure who it is, but they made a great save from a rollover:

Belly Doc and Bob coming down Elvis in Camo's MFS Buggy:

What can you say about the weather in Johnson Valley? There were flash floods at the beginning of the week, snow just above the lakebed and hurricane force winds mid-week, and on Thursday-Saturday the weather was incredible - sunny, and calm. Someone on the live blog asked me what kind of clothes to bring to KOH, and I told her "bring everything, because the weather is more unpredictable than anywhere else I know of!"

Here are the official overall scores for the race:


Before I sign off here and go tend to my Valentine (I have the BEST wife in the world, BTW) I wanted to mention that Jason Zindroski has completed his awesome Race Day photo gallery that is organized by race mile (freakin' awesome!) and Nolen completed uploading all of his and the rest of the crew's photos. DO NOT MISS IT!

* Pirate4x4 2010 King of the Hammers Photo Gallery Here *

One final note of thanks, becase you must save the best for last. Charlene Bower, Pirate4x4TV Live host, and Do-it-all person for Hammerking Productions, is a machine. She works harder than anyone I know, and made Jeff, Dave, and myself look good. She deserves a lot of credit for a successful week in Hammertown. Thanks again, Charlene!

UPDATED 2010-02-12 at 7:00AM PST
by Lance Clifford

To view the live blog from race day, click the "replay" button below.

2010 King of the Hammers - Friday
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