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UPDATED 2010-01-28
by Charlene Bower

We have been teasing that the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers is an all inclusive trip to the most amazing race in the desert. Lets set all of the teasing aside. It is.

This event has geared up to be the largest happening on Means Dry lake bed ever. The schedule of events is amazing. The companies that are coming together to support the event is incredible.

Racing action will fill four out of the five days between a 6 mile Last Change Qualifier course, a 60 mile UTV course and the intense and rugged 135 mile King of the Hammers course that will challenge the will of drivers and the strength of vehicles. There are spectator areas that are easily accessible in your 4WD vehicle or off highway vehicle, just remember drivers cannot use outside assistance, so don't get them Disqualified by trying to help!

The lake bed will be Star Studded with some of the biggest names in rock crawling, desert racing and media personalities. A few names that top the charts include Jason Scherer the 2009 King, Shannon Campbell, Casey Currie, Rob MacCachren, Rick D Johnson, Brian Deegan, BJ Baldwin and Roger Norman. There will be media present from around the world including personalities Camo & Charlene from Pirate4x4 TV Live!, Ian Johnson from Extreme4x4 & CRAWL Magazine, Robin Stover from 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine, Fred Williams from Petersen's 4 Wheel & Off-Road and many many more.

Of course an all inclusive vacation would not be complete without a DownTown to go shopping. This year there is a Vendor Show that will take over DownTown HammerTown. With over 70 vendors available to show and sell merchandise, you are sure to be able to find something to take home to the kids or bolt onto your 4WD and test drive the same day! 4 Wheel Parts will be running a shuttle service which allows you to order parts one day and have them on the lake bed to pick up the next.

We are all wheelers at heart and there are plenty of trails to explore in the Johnson Valley OHV area, so bring plenty of gas. Please be safe and respectful of the race course, understanding that drivers will be pre-running at high speeds all week. On Saturday after the Awards Ceremony there will be a Clean up ride which we encourage all to participate in.

If you are not able to make it out to the lake bed, Pirate4x4 TV Live! will have coverage of the event starting Monday late afternoon and running through the Awards Ceremony on Saturday February 13th . The main camera will be at the start finish line or inside the Griffin Pirate4x4 Lounge interviewing drivers and key industry professionals, while additional cameras will be showing the action at different locations on the race course.

Of course, the only thing missing in our all inclusive trip is the 5 star hotel, flushing toilets and running water. Be sure to stock up your RV and come prepared. There will be food concessions in DownTown HammerTown for your convenience, and there will be a Water/Dump truck running throughout the week, but your closest store is about 30 minutes away. Oh, guess we are missing the Pool and Jacuzzi too…maybe next year.

The entire schedule is rolled out as a video presentation so you can have more detail on each days activities starting Sunday February 7th and wraps up Saturday February 13th.

Of course if you want to know everything there is to know about KOH Week, you shouldn't miss Pirate4x4TV Live Episode 4. We discuss the LCQ course in detail with a "virtual run", we draw all the starting orders for both the LCQ and Main Race, and dicsuss each driver's chances and abilities, and much much more!

** Pirate4x4TV Live Episode 4 - https://www.pirate4x4.com/tv/live4.php **

* Please refer to Event Program for Location. Updated Schedule and additional information will be posted at the BFGoodrich Information Center located at the BFGoodrich Semi during race week. *

Sunday February 7

Driver Check-in12 noon - 5pm
GPS Downloads12 noon - 5pm
King of the Hammers Vendor Tent Opens

Monday February 8

LCQ Tech Inspection10am - 4pm
GPS Downloads9am - 5pm
Driver / Media / Vendor Check-in9am - 5pm
PCI GPS Class9am - 10am
General Tire Pre-Run Lunch Stop11am - 2pm
4 Wheel Parts LCQ Driver Meeting6pm - 7pm
Event Kickoff Meeting7pm - 8pm
General Tire Kick Off Party ~ Unleash the Fury8pm - ??
Griffin Pirate4x4 TV Live Lounge Opens

Tuesday February 9

4 Wheel Parts LCQ Day 1Staging Time:7:00am
Start Time: 8:00am
LCQ Tech Inspection10am - 4pm
GPS Downloads9am - 5pm
Driver / Media / Vendor Check-in9am - 5pm
LandUse Seminar4pm - 5pm
Motorsport Marketing Panel5pm - 6pm
Shock Tuning Seminar6pm - 7pm
Light Seminar7pm - 8pm
Traxxas Pro RC Race8pm - ??

Wednesday February 10

4 Wheel Parts LCQ Day 2Staging Time:7:00am
Start Time: 8:00am
UTV Tech Inspection10am - 4pm
GPS Downloads9am - 5pm
Driver / Media / Vendor Check-in9am - 5pm
Vendor Show Open3pm - 8pm
PCI GPS Class5pm - 6pm
Pit Bull Tires UTV Driver Meeting6pm - 7pm
BFGoodrich Pit Meeting6pm - 7pm
King Shocks Party8pm - ??

Thursday February 11 Course CLOSED

Pit Bull Tires UTV RaceStaging Time:7:00am
Start Time: 8:00am
Tech Inspection8am - Line Closes at 5pm
King of the Hammers Contingency Row Open9am - Line Closes at 5pm
Vendor Show Open8am - 8pm
BFG Drivers Meeting5pm - 7pm
Raceline Show and Shine Voting5pm - 7pm
Raceline Wheel Volunteer Dinner & Raffle7pm
Show and Shine Winners Announced7:30pm

Friday February 12

Griffin King of the Hammers RaceStaging Time: 5:00am
Pre-Race Ceremonies: 7:15am
Start Time: 8:00am
Vendor Show Open8am - 8pm
Griffin King of the Hammers After Party ~ First Finisher til Sunrise

Saturday February 13

Griffin King of the Hammers Awards Ceremony9am - 11am
Friends Of Johnson Valley Breakfast8am
4 Wheel Parts Volunteer Clean Up Trail Ride11am

Sunday February 14

Don't forget its Valentine's Day, Boys ;-)

UPDATED 2010-01-28 5:00PM PST
by Charlene Bower

Starting Order & Interesting Facts

If you watched the January episode of Pirate4x4 TV Live! then you already know that the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers starting grid has been determined putting Buzz Bronsema on the pole position and Rick Mooneyham completing the first row. "I am honored to be on the pole position, no pressure, if anything it is a relief to be in front of everybody," said Buzz Bronsema. "If we hang at the same pace that we did last year with only first gear, we should be able to finish in -3," Bronsema joked. Rick Mooneyham knows that he will "be in first place for about 3 ½ feet because I know I can get the hole shot, but after that I don't know what is going to happen, it is King of the Hammers!" The pack of drivers behind them is an amazing group of some of the most talented drivers and vehicles.

None of the former Kings are at the front of the pack. 2009 winner Jason Scherer will start 38th, the Original 2007 winner John Reynolds will start in 45th, and 2008's King Shannon Campbell is towards the back of the pack in the 72nd position. Regardless of their starting position, they have all proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. Two time 2nd place finisher Casey Currie will start in the 56th position to attempt to break the barrier and finally be crowned the King.

The 2009 Griffin King of the Hammers created enough buzz in the offroad racing community to entice some of the top Trophy Truck drivers to come out and test their hand at rock crawling. Roger Norman, who will be driving with JT Taylor will start in 30th position, BJ Baldwin lines up 44th , Rick D Johnson in 70th and in the back of the pack is 4 Wheel Parts Greg Adler in 86th and the legend Rob MacCachren in 87th with Rock Crawling champion Larry McRae assisting from the passenger seat. Also taking the green flag are two motorcycle X Games winners Chris Ridgway starting in 21st and Brian Deegan in the 93rd position. Last year the 2009 Griffin King of the Hammers was featured in 8 International magazines covering 6 countries. King of the Hammers is honored to again host International Drivers coming from four countries this year. Ralf Kuller from Germany will start in 12th, Ben Napier from Australia who qualified through BITD Vegas to Reno will line up 23rd, Chris Pook from Canada is in 74th and Naozumi Tsuda coming all the way from Japan will push his way through traffic from the 89th position.

There are only two female drivers of record including Nicole Johnson starting in the 11th position and Kim Sears mid pack in 65th. There is a new statistic to hit the King of the Hammers record book this year, the youngest driver will start 90th. 18 year old Levi Shirley will have to work his way through the pack of the drivers that have decades of experience including his Dad Brian Shirley starting in 39th.

I talked to a few drivers this week…there are stories behind ALL the drivers, be sure to watch the Pirate4x4 TV Live! coverage over the course of the week where we will talk to them!

Tom Wayes, an extreme skier film personality was "initially pretty pi**ed being at the back of the pack when majority of the LCQ are in the first half," he admitted. "But Ian my co-driver is super excited because he has been racing enduros all summer in traffic and is trying to convince me that we are going to have more fun than anyone in the first hour," he comments about going from from the 2nd starting position in 2009 all the way to the back of the pack this year at number 95.

Dean Bulloch, who qualified through completing 1000 miles at Vegas to Reno, will start in the dead middle position of 49th. "We are ready to kick butt, and take names. And hopefully we will take at least one name," laughs Bulloch.

The 4 Wheel Parts last chance qualifier race will be a strategic race on Tuesday and Wednesday. Eight of the top 25 starting positions are qualifiers from the LCQ.

Staging for the Griffin King of the Hammers will begin before sunrise at 5am on Friday February 12th. The engines will idle to their spots where they will line up in pairs and get into position for the green flag where drivers will be released every 30 seconds. At 7:15am the opening ceremonies will begin and the 2010 Grand Marshall will announce the words we all love to hear in racing: "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!" At 8am the gorgeous Griffin Flag Girls will drop the Green Flag for Bronsema and Mooneyham and 135 miles of the toughest desert race to the finish line.

Of course if you want to know everything there is to know about KOH Week, you shouldn't miss Pirate4x4TV Live Episode 4. We discuss the LCQ course in detail with a "virtual run", we draw all the starting orders for both the LCQ and Main Race, and dicsuss each driver's chances and abilities, and much much more!

** Pirate4x4TV Live Episode 4 - https://www.pirate4x4.com/tv/live4.php **

2010 Griffin King of the Hammers Starting Order

1 Buzz Bronsema
2 Rick Mooneyham
3 LCQ 8
4 Jim Knox
5 LCQ 1
6 Doug Bigelow
7 Mike Kleinsen
8 Nazir Adam
9 LCQ 10
10 LCQ 2
11 Nicole Johnson
12 Ralf Kuller
13 Jack Adams
14 LCQ 18
15 Tracy Jordan
16 Eric Miller
17 Jason Pickett
18 LCQ 16
19 LCQ 9
20 Todd McCullen
21 Chris Ridgway
22 MFS Winner
23 Ben Napier
24 Derek Summers
25 LCQ 14
26 LCQ 19
27 Matt Legg
28 Roger Lovell
29 JR Van Ortwick
30 JT Taylor
31 PSC Lucky Dog
32 Drew Goldie
33 Daren Runyon
34 LCQ 11
35 Charlie Melchner
36 Eric Holder
37 Hobie Smith
38 Jason Scherer
39 Brian Shirley
40 Rob McKenney
41 Derek West
42 John James
43 Jeremy Hammer
44 BJ Baldwin
45 John Reynolds
46 Barry Beadle
47 Clayton Walters
48 Wayne Israelsen
49 Dean Bulloch
50 Greg Hussey
51 Kevin Yoder
52 Rob Usnick
53 LCQ 5
54 Travis Carpenter
55 Matt Messer
56 Casey Currie
57 Stephen Watson
58 LCQ 3
59 Eric Anderson
60 LCQ 6
61 Ian Johnson
62 Adam Carter
63 Dustin Webster
64 LCQ 21
65 Kim Sears
66 Jeff Mello
67 Joe Silva
68 Brandon Watson
69 Will Carter
70 Rick D Johnson
71 Burton Jenner
72 Shannon Campbell
73 Rich Klien
74 Chris Pook
75 LCQ 20
76 Adam Woodlee
77 LCQ 17
78 Bart Dixon
79 Kevin Sacalas
80 Curtis Warner
81 Greg Stone
82 LCQ 13
83 LCQ 15
84 LCQ 7
85 Lucas Murphy
86 Greg Adler
87 Rob MacCachren
88 Brad Lovell
89 Naozumi Tsuda
90 Levi Shirley
91 Brett Porter
92 Tony Pellegrino
93 Brian Deegan
94 LCQ 4
95 Tom Wayes
96 Peter Wells
97 Jesse Haines
98 Lou Levy
99 LCQ 12
100 Ray Mandell

UPDATED 2010-01-29 11:50AM PST
by Charlene Bower

4 Wheel Parts Last Chance Qualifier Starting Order and Facts

The 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers has 21 additional spots available for the 45 competitors of the 4 Wheel Parts Last Chance Qualifier on Tuesday February 9th and Wednesday February 10th.

The 2010 4 Wheel Parts Last Chance Qualifier order was determined by random draw on the January episode of Pirate4x4 TV Live!. Larry Gipson will be first off the line Tuesday morning to test his talents and attempt at qualifying. "I am used to all the pressure and know what needs to be done," said Gipson. "I need to drive as hard as I can and be as smart as can be. I just need to finish it to get into the race on Friday." It will be a challenge because "the only time I tried the back door is in the middle of the night with 15 minutes on my car. After watching the videos, now I see that you need to go up the left side, we were trying to go up the right," Gipson admits.

By Wednesday afternoon the 45th and final driver will be Tim Emick, who some argue will have the best opportunity after watching the 44 drivers before him complete the course. Tim's wife answered the phone, and surprisingly (haha) had to go out to the garage while we waited for him to stop grinding before I could get the phone. "I think this is the first time I am happy to go last," said Tim Emick, whose brother Dustin Emick will be co-driving. "Only time will tell if we are really lucky though, it all depends on what the tracks are like after the 44 people before me. It may be better or it may be worse, depends on how the rocks move, and potentially the whoops could get bigger. The true benefit is we get to watch what lines work all day Tuesday and Wednesday."

The Last Chance Qualifier has a lot of names that are familiar with King of the Hammers. Clay Egan, Ian McGlynn, Cottin Rodd, Jason Conover, and Larry Gipson all raced in the 2009 Griffin King of the Hammers main race last year and are still trying to qualify for this years race. There is also a group of seven that competed in last years LCQ who are trying their luck again including Brandon Johnson, Troy Bailey, James Andrus, Brandon Davis, Loren Healey, Jose Ponce and Josh Patt.

There are 33 names on the 4 Wheel Parts Last Chance Qualifier list that have never competed in the event before. Trophy Truck driver Curt Leduc and NHRA Pro Sportsman Drag Racer Les Figueroa are included among them. Les comments, "This is a huge challenge not knowing what to expect, it's the most homework I have ever done for a race, it's a lot different than going really fast, but straight! Luckily, we will be going in the first day and if we do well that will give us an extra day to prepare for Friday's race and be successful."

There is quite a bit of strategy that will go into the qualifying process. Drivers will not only want to be in the qualifying group, but will be conscious of what position within the 21 they end up. As part of the Main Race starting draw, the LCQ starting positions were determined as well. For example, the Last Chance Qualifier that finishes in the 8th place, will take the 3rd position on the Main Race starting grid. Whereas, the driver that gets a better time in the LCQ and finishes 4th has a Main Race starting position of 94th! David Smiley who attempted to qualify at the Rousch Creek race will travel from the East Coast to try his hand on day two. Smiley said, "we will watch for times and try to position us the best as possible, although we know there are still a lot of drivers behind us that could throw it off. We will watch on Tuesday and change and firm up our strategy depending on what we see during Day 1 Qualifying."

The course this year is a grueling 6 miles. It starts by zig zagging up and around Means Butte and then increases speed through some fast desert to the Back Door obstacle that was the center of attention last year. Once the driver clears Back Door, they have a stretch of fast yet large whoops to handle and then go down Trap Door. As Back Door is a vertical climb, Trap Door is a vertical fall. Competitors will finish off the course with a very fast and fun desert section that has some serious potential for overdriving. As a spectator, it is good that there are two days of qualifying so you can move to different locations to see all the action. See the entire course rolled out at:

You can also watch the Pirate4x4 TV Live! January episode where we do an "In car, Make you Puke" version of the LCQ course. Beware it is a rough ride!

Every spot in the Griffin King of the Hammers has been earned, but those that qualify through this final process could be called Knights of Armor. They are attempting to race two of the most challenging races back to back with only a day in between.

Of course if you want to know everything there is to know about KOH Week, you shouldn't miss Pirate4x4TV Live Episode 4. We discuss the LCQ course in detail with a "virtual run", we draw all the starting orders for both the LCQ and Main Race, and dicsuss each driver's chances and abilities, and much much more!

** Pirate4x4TV Live Episode 4 - https://www.pirate4x4.com/tv/live4.php **

2010 4 Wheel Parts Last Chance Qualifier Starting Positions

1 Larry Gipson
2 Clay Eagan
3 Michael Feagins
4 Carl Nielson
5 Jonathon Terhune
6 John Goodby
7 Robert Foster
8 Willie Gray Roberson II
9 Jack Childers
10 Ian McGlynn
11 Brian Tilton
12 Mark Weel
13 Ritchie Keller
14 Brandon Johnson
15 Chad Burchik
16 Bill Kreisel
17 Michael Colville
18 Troy Bailey
19 Matt Burkett/Curt Leduc
20 Cottin Rodd
21 Les Figueroa
22 Jason Feuilly
23 Josh Patt
24 Shawn Fisher
25 Matt Enochs
26 Chad Wheeler
27 Andy Gladen
28 Brandon Davis
29 Aaron Beckstead
30 Gary Ferravonti
31 James Andrus
32 Jason Conover
33 Rob Klinger
34 David Smiley
35 Scott Morris
36 Damian Layer
37 Joel Withers
38 Joey Weber
39 John Bennett
40 Loren Healy
41 Chris Garrison
42 AJ Condon
43 Matt Peterson
44 Jose Ponce
45 Tim Emick

2010 Griffin King of the Hammers Starting Grid for LCQ Finishers

3 LCQ 8
5 LCQ 1
9 LCQ 10
10 LCQ 2
14 LCQ 18
18 LCQ 16
19 LCQ 9
25 LCQ 14
26 LCQ 19
34 LCQ 11
53 LCQ 5
58 LCQ 3
60 LCQ 6
64 LCQ 21
75 LCQ 20
77 LCQ 17
82 LCQ 13
83 LCQ 15
84 LCQ 7
94 LCQ 4
99 LCQ 12

UPDATED 2010-02-01 9:30PM PST
by Charlene Bower

1/30/10 on the lakebed!


It is here! The trailer has been packed for a couple of days, and the truck ready to head to the Hammers. I just wish I felt that entergetic this morning, instead I woke up feeling like poo-poo. That nasty stuff that hit everyone else the last couple of weeks finally got to me. Such not good timing! Oh well, I've got to push through! I had a Kawasaki Teryx that needed to get to the lakebed so we could stake out DownTown HammerTown. Yes, you need a vehicle to get around DownTown!


I arrived around noon, unloaded the massive amounts of PitBull Tires that I had for Pirate4x4's rigs and was finally able to get the Teryx in the dirt.


Lets just get to the point. DownTown HammerTown is SPECTACULAR! To see all of my little blue boxes on my spreadsheets turn into chalk on the desert floor is super exciting! Of course we had to make a couple of adjustments here and there, but that was bound to happen. And no, the cones are not the line to get autographs for the Griffin Girls, it is where they will drop the green flag and the checker for the winner.


I 'm going to bed early... more tomorrow.


2/1/10 DownTown HammerTown

DownTown HammerTown has been laid out and is amazing! The chalk is on the ground and now we are waiting for the tents to be erected and the semis to arrive. It is truly going to be a city on the lakebed!

There are over 80 vendors that will line the rows and fill the big 100' x120' circus tent. They range from vendors just showing their products, to massive outfits that have parts on sale for you to take advantage of. You will just about be able to buy anything from nuts and bolts, t-shirts and hats, to some large bolt on items that you can purchase and walk out to your rig and install. The best part of the Vendor show is you don't have to wait to use your newest gadget! You can use it that day!

The tent that you won't miss is the King of the Hammers general store. There you will find 2010 merchandise and programs. These programs greatly help you during the week at the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers. It has the schedule of events, the drivers and numbers, the course maps and some great articles about the history of the King of the Hammers.

There are a number of manufactures that have stepped up to help out with any needs that may arise over the week. There will be multiple shock support rigs here including King, Fox and Bilstein. Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems has offered their services to cut anything that you need right on the lakebed. ReadyWelder will have a welders that drivers can use to tack up a recent break. 4 Wheel Parts will have their semi out with a large assortment of items, but they will also be able to special order you products that will be delivered to the lake bed the next morning. Butch's Speed shop and PCI Radios will be on site to take care of your last minute racing needs. So don't worry if something happens while you're out here, our team of support vendors are there to lend a hand.

Traxxas is building an RC track that will be utilized for the Pro Driver race on Tuesday night and for anyone that brings their RC cars to play with during the week. RC4WD will also have a rock pile inside the main tent to test their cars.

Tinaz Tacos and Funnel Cake will be out here the whole week to keep our tummies happy. Don't worry, Tinaz Tacos serves other dinner items for all of you wanting to eat there all week. And if a hot cooked meal is not what you are looking for, there will be ice, snacks and dry package goods available at New Image 4x4.

We encourage you to stop by the Land Use Emporium where all the land use groups have joined together. It is important that as 4 wheelers we all work together to participate with these groups. Some will be doing raffles and others will just be handing out valuable information.

Nightly parties will happen out of the Griffin Pirate4x4 Lounge with the campfire just walking distance away. Cars will fill the aisles for Contingency and Tech and stay in town for the Raceline Wheels Show and Shine. And the Pirate4x4 TV Live! show will be running Live all week.

Bring your shopping list and increase your line of credit because I guarantee you there will be something here that you want!

POSTED 2010-02-05 at 9:00AM PST
By Charlene Bower

2/1/10 - Monday 7:30am the first tent goes up






Its official the stakes are in the ground and Currie Enterprises was the first one up. 7 more 20x20 white tents went up today.

Jeff spent most of his day marking pit tent locations. It is all on the ground, now to watch them be erected. It was a pretty mellow day, but very successful. A lot of chalk got down, a lot of squares got names, a lot of formality came to light.

There are already people here from Nebraska and Washington staking out their spot and wheeling every day. They wanted to come and see the whole thing erected. And I am sure we will all have a sight to see! Frances came out in his red jeep today to volunteer with anything that needed doing. We added him to Nail duty. I know it sounds silly, but I am serious, it is a duty! Thanks Francis!

I left the lake bed an hour or so before dark because I wanted to check out Yucca Valley. I have always came in from the Apple Valley side and wanted to see what the town was all about. Wow, we really are not as remote as you think we are. If you hang a left and go 20 minutes there are major banks, major grocery stores, major parts stores (probably shoulda put that one first), hotel chains and more. If you are looking for any kind of accommodations here is a complete listing http://www.yuccavalley.org/11.html?sm=54731. See, we all learn something new everyday.

I'm headed home to grab another trailer... and a special delivery...



Amazing when you are in your office how people know and your cell phone and your email blast you from all sides! My day started late, but I finally hooked up and headed into Irvine, CA to Kawasaki's Headquarters. To get what you ask? Well, of course, another 2010 Teryx and what they call the bus. I could almost betcha Bubba Stewart has sat in the seat of this rig a few times! But you won't want to…it is for our full security department that will be on staff this year. Kawasaki was generous enough to support us with three units to help get our staff around.

It was mid-day when I got a text message from Jeff that Johnny Greaves has officially been declared the Grand Marshall of the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers. Another amazing name added to the list of guests to appear. He is known as the 2006 Driver of the Year, the winningest driver in off-road short-course racing, and yes, he is the guy who jumped his truck 301 feet! Learn more about Johnny: http://www.johnnygreaves.com/bio.asp

It was after dark when I pulled back on the lakebed. Luckily no blowouts and all the lights stayed on, you know, a major accomplishment towing anything! As I came up to the lake bed it was eerie tonight…it took on like a ghost town look... More tents had been set up during the day, and without the moon, the white still glowed in not necessarily a perfect grid: its empty.

The Griffin Pirate4x4 tent went up, but the walls aren't on it yet. I was the good girl and came in the right road, drove down the aisle, not through all the chalk marks and it felt so real. A couple more days and it will all be filled in!

The action of the day consisted of Brian and Levi Shirley arriving, Casey Currie coming out to test and a few others dropping by to check it out. After I left last night LCQ Driver Andy Gladen, co-driver Bill Tochlke and a couple of their buddies showed up all the way from Cloquet, MN…heck yea! Especially when I tell you they are planning on tent camping for the 15 days! Insane!





It was a gorgeous day out here today. The sun was out. The wind was a little heavy at times, but the pit tents did relatively well and the LAKEbed continued to subside and dry out.

Jeff and his Dad took the Kawasaki Teryx out into the wilderness to mark course, and Mark and Danny hopped in the Toyota and went the other way. The girls hung out in camp, did chores and picked UP NAILS. I am DISGUSTED to tell you about the nail situation out here. Um, people, there is a reason you don't burn pallets! NAILS. Nomi has already picked up 3 buckets full of nails, and she hasn't even begun to shed light on it. Pack your magnet and participate!

Jeff and Larry got back around noon. They had an awesome day on the trail. It was a little wet in places, but he thinks it should dry. I laughed at him as he explained how awesome the Teryx was and how great the Pit Bull Tires hooked up "It even went up a 6ft waterfall". You just gotta try it ya know. He also complained about the amount of trash that was out on the trail. Where he had thought that they were going to have to buy stakes, they had picked up enough from other peoples races to make up for it. Please help us make a serious clean up effort on Saturday with the 4 Wheel Parts Clean up. It is such a disappointment that we have to have organized days like these, but lets as a group show that the King of the Hammers crowd is the best group of offroaders out there.

Mark and Danny came back and showed off their treasure of a FMF exhaust pipe for my trailer because it is so loud lol once again... trash... pick it up!

The action of the day consisted of Rob MacCachren, Larry McRea and a couple of buddies heading out into the trails for a couple hours of rock crawling in their personal rigs. Joel from Bilstein came by to hang out for the night on his way to Parker, and a group of jeepers from Palm Springs cut through the desert to check out the layout and will be back come race week.

2/4/10 - How big is a 100x120 tent?






Haha pretty dang big! I peaked out the window around 6am to ice on the hood of my truck, grabbed my laptop and jumped back into bed! Worked for a couple hours and when it was time to turn on the generator and get the heater going, I looked outside and the desert floor was covered in white. No, not snow. The huge vendor tent! It took the guys the majority of the day to put it up, but they did it, and it is spectacular! I am going to mark out the vendor spots tomorrow and yet one more step accomplished!

They also finished the Griffin Pirate4x4 Lounge. The walls are up, the stage is set, the tables and chairs are stacked inside. Its gonna be happening! The tent guys wrapped up today with everything and checked out until they come to teardown. Half of the Porta Potties were delivered, and we all got our tanks dumped. YES there will be a truck on site at all times for dumping, please do not leak your gray water onto the lake bed.

The success of the day was Mark and Danny coming back from marking course for the third day. They have gone 190 miles, a lot of it back tracking to get to the top and bottom of obstacles, or going around LAKEbeds, and they have successfully marked 120 miles of race course. This puts us right on track for the release of the course on Sunday. They will continue to mark course tomorrow and then will move onto the LCQ and UTV courses.

A few more people showed up today, but not a lot. Scott Morris and his LCQ crew pulled in from Sunman, IN with a really nice blue rig. Another LCQ team John Bennett and Ryan Robinson hauled in from Denver, CO with their Schampa cold winter gear ready to take on the hammers! Greg Adlers rig pulled in, and a few others look like they are rolling in…we'll see who they are in the morning.

2/4/10 - Press Release 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers has some Grand Supporters

The Racers make the race, but the event has evolved into the largest and most talked about Off Road race in the world thanks to the help and support of every single one of the Sponsors. Griffin Radiators is the title sponsor for 2010 with two other sponsored races and nine Official Products.

Griffin Radiators continues to show their support for the King of the Hammers. Tom and Steve Beebe are proud to be the title sponsor again this year. "As the first major sponsor of the event we have been able to watch the venue grow from a few trailers and rock buggies to a sprawling city of circus tents and semi trucks" said Steve Beebe, Griffin Marketing Director. Griffin came on board in 2009, and continues to show additional support as they know this has become "the RACE".

4 Wheel Parts sponsored the Last Chance Qualifier giving 21 racers one more shot to get into the main race. They also assisted with the addition of the vendor show, which went from an outside contingency row in 2009 to a massive tent and aisles of semis.

The third race that has become a part of King of the Hammers stable is the Pit Bull Tires UTV race on Thursday. Started as an exhibition last year, Pit Bull tires helped up the anti with a $5,000 purse that should push any UTV driver to the extreme.

There are multiple Official Products of the King of the Hammers that will be proudly displayed within the vendor area. These companies have helped support the racers, the fans and the event production. BFGoodrich Tires is the Official Tire for the second year in row. Their tires have proven to be podium bound with both 2009 Jason Scherer and 2008 Shannon Campbell on their team. BFGoodrich has introduced two new tires to this arena and continues to test and improve.

Raceline Wheels has been a supporter of King of the Hammers for the last four years. At last years race, 32 out of 92 racers knew the value in Raceline and competed with zero failures. This years race is taking on a different view, shall we say a nighttime view, and with that came the need for an Official Light which Vision X Lighting stepped up to shine above the rest. Suspension has been argued to be one of the most important parts of the car to be successful. FOA Shocks has been in the desert racing world, and chose King of the Hammers to make their presence in the rock crawling world.

Some of the Official Product Sponsors are also taking the green flag on Friday morning to test their strength against the odds. GenRight Offroad, the Official Suspension System, owner Tony Pellegrino knows Johnson Valley and will be taking on his first ever race, why not the King of the Hammers. Matt Messer from Trail Gear, the Official Toyota Rock Crawling Parts Supplier, will be starting mid pack in 55th position. Both Pellegrino and Messer have spent multiple weekends in the desert recently practicing and testing. PSC Motorsports, Tom Allen will be taking his normal seat in Dean Bulloch's rig. PSC, the Official Steering has also upped the anti with offering a "Jokers Wild Last Chance Qualifier" opportunity to LCQ participants.

King of the Hammers is proud to have Royal Purple as the Official Oil of the King of the Hammers. They are supporting the Nevada Union High School racing team effort, and will prove that their lubricants can stand up to these extreme conditions. Of course, we all like to have a little fun so we have Traxxas as the Official RC car of the King of the Hammers. Traxxas will be hosting a Celebrity Driver race on Tuesday night at the course that will be set up in DownTown HammerTown.

The Racers make the Race, but the Sponsorship efforts make the Event. We respectfully ask that you help support those that support King of the Hammers so we can continue to grow this amazing event.

All Partners are listed at http://www.kingofthehammers.com/partners.php

2010 Griffin King of the Hammers 4 Wheel Parts Last Chance Qualifier - Pit Bull Tires

UTV King of the Hammers

Official Tire: BFGoodrich Tires
Official Wheel: RaceLine
Official Light: Vision X
Official Shock: FOA
Official Suspension System: GenRight
Official Toyota Rock Crawling Parts Supplier: Trail Gear
Official Steering: PSC Motorsports
Official Oil: Royal Purple
Official RC Car: Traxxas

UPDATED 2010-02-05 9:45PM PST
by Charlene Bower

2/5/10 - The Semis Arrive

Today was another day in the desert. Warm and sunny, to freezing and raining, to warm and sunny. Love it! Only enough rain to make you run and cover everything and then it was pretty well over and the blue sky popped back out.




Everyone continued with their job... marking course, marking town, setting trailers and motorhomes, showing teams to their tents. The course isn't quite done yet... The big vendor tent isn't quite marked out yet... But everything else is coming together well.

A few more teams rolled in today. Roxy and Robert showed up. Locals Mustard Dog, Tony Pellegrino and Kevin Sacalas all showed up… and there are a lot more rolling in. I just jumped inside to grab some dinner, upload some photos and will head back out.




The Programs are almost here... I am so excited to see it in person! If you are not coming out here and want one I highly suggest that you order one TODAY. There is a very strong possibility that we may sell out…and you would never get to have one. All pre-orders (before Tues) will be accounted for, but sorry, not shipped until after the race (we are here!)

For those of you watching it live on Pirate4x4.com, Camo and I will go live for an hour opening at 5pm on Monday night. At 6pm we will pan out to the first driver meeting of the week, the 4 Wheel Parts LCQ Drivers Meeting which will then lead into the Event Kickoff Meeting. See...you can be right with us! If you look at the schedule of events all of the seminars and meetings will be streaming live all week. Race coverage will start Tuesday morning at 8am with the first Last Chance Qualifier, Larry Gipson off the line.

Here we go... Come visit us at DownTown HammerTown!

UPDATED 2010-02-07 11:35PM
by Charlene Bower

2/6/10 - Day 7: There Are People

5:00AM - I woke up to the sounds we didn't want to hear...and it got heavier and heavier. Rain! And heavier and heavier. It was coming down hard. At 6 I finally just got up, it was that bad. Might as well make use of the time and got some paperwork stuff done. Others were on the same page. It was certainly a paperwork morning!



It rained until around 11:30am. Some good things came out of it. We evaluated and adjusted for the puddles... some of them running through the vendor tent, and some through the Pirate4x4 tent where we were able to reroute water and build troths. Better to see it now, than if it were to happen mid week. The rain was a bummer, and put a damper on the first half of the day, but it wasn't the end of the day... only the start.




The town started to come to life when the sun came out. The Start/Finish Line went up. The Grand Stage went up. The Main Vendor Tent got separators. A couple more vendors showed up in line. But more than anything…Competitors showed up. They showed up in packs of two and three vehicles. As night fell, you could see the stream of headlights coming in down the road. The pits are amazing. They are organized, they are level, they are going to work for everyone this year.



With the race coming through the pit row twice, even camp will be a good place to hang out and watch. The pit action will be intense and this is where most of their major work will be done. How much major work? Well, they have determined the course closure time of 10pm, so whatever it takes to get to that stopping point.



Yes, the people arrived today. And I think when we wake up in the morning, we will be even more surprised that there will be many more...
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