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UPDATED 2010-02-11 at 7:00AM PST
by Lance Clifford

Last night was pretty wild here in Hammertown. Check out the video from the King party in the Pirate4x4 tent from last night right here:

Pirate4x4TV Live will begin today at 10:00AM PST. We will be conducting driver interviews today and hanging out in the Pirate Lounge. The UTV Race kicks off at 9:00AM and we will let you know how that goes as well!

The Heavy Metal Concepts video of Wednesday's LCQ coverage is currently uploading and will be available later today. I will post up when it is going to be ready. It was uploading overnight when the generator ran out of gas, so we are reuploading the 1 gigabyte file from the lakebed all over again!

2010 King of the Hammers - Thursday

UPDATED 2010-02-11 at 8:00PM PST
by Lance Clifford

Here is the official starting order!


Nolen is working on typing up an end of the day story, and the LCQ Day 2 video is being uploaded from his hotel room. Nolen's article will be posted soon, and Will's video will be posted in the morning.

We will be getting started at 6:30AM PST tomorrow morning, and the race begins at 8:00AM.

UPDATE 2010-02-11 9:00PM PST
by Lance Clifford

Thursday was a perfect Hammers day. We started early with a UTV race over 50 miles of desert and rock. Mitch Guthrie took the crown of King of the UTV Hammers for the second year in a row in his Polaris RZR. Looking at the field, his was one of the least modified vehicles, but tons of practice and the strategy of racing without the excess weight of a co-driver put Mitch on top. He really raced a great race beating the other 5 finishers. 5 of 20 starters crossed the line proving that the Hammers is tough on everything.


When we got back from the race, contingency and tech were in full swing. Lots of beautiful new buggies were among well seasoned rigs making the row a great place for the visitors of Hammertown.

Tech was tough. Lots of people were sent to make repairs before they were allowed to get the magic sticker allowing them to race on Friday.


Right now, it looks like with the addition of the LCQ racers, the entire field of 100 racers are going to start tomorrow.

The race is 135 miles of pure hell. The first 35 miles includes some of the most washed out trails at the Hammers, to a new trail that will cause a massive chokepoint only 18 miles into the race. Tempers and adrenalin are sure to flair. I will bring you pictures from there and upload early.


From there, back through camp and along the the southern border to the first of the rock trails. This is where the group will really start to thin. After pitting at the end of Sunbonnet they will go down outer limits and back out to the northwest for another LONG desert race along the northern border. From there, back down Resolution and backdoor.



From there they will be 100 miles into the race and then the real rock trails begin. It will be interesting to see how many make it this far.

So, who will be the King in 2010? It is anyone's race. Stay tuned to the most off the hook coverage ever on a race of this caliber!

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