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UPDATED 2010-02-11 at 7:00AM
by Lance Clifford

Here is Tuesday afternoon's Pirate4x4TV Live episode -

Check out the Tuesday LCQ video by Will at Heavy Metal Concepts has been posted! This is a "can't miss" video!!!

UPDATED 2010-02-09 at 7:00PM PST
by Lance Clifford



It was a crazy day in Hammertown today. Warm weather, freezing weather, hurricane force winds, rain, you name it, we had it today.


21 of the toughest guys in rock sports battled the elements and the wicked rocks of Johnson Valley's LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier). In a change from last year, the LCQ was split into a two day event this year, to reduce the chance of the event running into the dark like last year.


The day started out great, minimal wind, the sun was shining, and there was excitement in the air. The competitors had their race faces, and I was anxious to see how the racers would attack the 6.5 mile course. Would they all hammer down and do full throttle assults on "Back Door" like many did last year? Or would some use a tactical approach, and pull out the winch right away?


Well the answer is "both". I was surprised at how many competitors used the winch. There were several successful attempts on the waterfall on Back Door without winches, but many chose the "smart" route and used their winches.

There were some fast times today. REAL fast. Jeff Knoll estimated someone would post a 12 minute time on the course, and sure enough today's leader Ritchie Keller posted a blistering 12:09 beating second place Matt Peterson by over a minute and a half. That time is going to be very hard to beat tomorrow, especially if we get some rain or snow tonight.

The weather has calmed down a bunch, and it is lightly drizzing here in Hammertown. Will has completed today's LCQ video, and it is currently uploading. I uploaded a video of the kick off of Pirate4x4TV on the lakebed. Check it out here:

Once the LCQ video is done uploading, I will post a link to it. It should be done in a couple hours. I've also uploaded about 40 photos to the photo gallery.

A note about today's feed... It wasn't the best quality, I know. Remember, even with the large investment we have in covering this race, it still is one of the most remote and inhospitable locations in the country. What we can tell you is we have a plan in motion to have a better connection for Friday's race. Tomorrow's may or may not be much better than today's. I am optimistic that I will get it working better for tomorrow, but I'm not positive. I will do what I can, that is for sure.

Click the "Replay" button below to view the live blog of the event.

2010 King of the Hammers - Tuesday
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