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UPDATED 2010-02-10 at 11:00PM PST
by Nolen Grogan



We woke up to a soggy lakebed from the weather. Rain and heavy winds kept us in bed late this morning. The racecourse and main camp were trashed from the weather. In spite of this, the second day of the LCQ went off without a hitch. The Hammerking crew decided to delay the start to let the course dry some, but when the green flag dropped at 10:00 am, the competitors showed they were not scared of the wet rocks and sand. The weather was cold and overcast most of the morning. The mountains surrounding Hammertown received a nice layer of snow overnight.


When the racers took to the course, times were off as much as 10 minutes from Tuesday to Wednesday for most of the racers. Every racer winched the first waterfall on Backdoor today and most winched the second. Some of the drivers today were barely hampered at all by the soggy course. Racers number 444 Gary Ferravonti and 667 Loren Healy, both running Jimmy's 4x4 buggies walked away with it today laying down times that were nearly as fast as the winners of the Tuesday race. It was very impressive to see both teams' strategy with backdoor.


419 Shawn Fisher 35:05
4424 Matt Enochs 25:16 fire (2x), but still running
11 Chad Wheeler DNF lost front driveshaft
541 Andy Gladen 24:55 flat front tire going into backdoor
20 Brandon Davis 23:49
1911 Aaron Beckstead DNF fire
444 Gary Ferravonti 16:34
222 James Andrus 22:30
966 Jason Blanton 23:24
4418 Rob Klinger DNS per Ride_Klein on chat
609 David Smiley DNS per Ride_Klein on chat
1272 Scott Morris DNS per Ride_Klein on chat
111 Damian Layer DNF stalled on waterfall #1
686 Joey Weber 20:05
4415 John Bennett DNF
667 Loren Healy 14:48
9 Chris Garrison 29:28
4414 AJ Condon 25:26
442 Mark Weel DNF
44 Jose Ponce DNF
343 Tim Emick 33:37

In the end, it looks like nearly everyone that finished the LCQ without a DNF will be advancing to the big race due to drop outs from the main pack. No official word from Hammerking, but it looks like there may be as many as 27 LCQ guys advancing or as few as 23. Hopefully we will be able to bring you the names of who is definitely in before too long. We also have one lucky DNF racer that will be running in the PSC spot due to a contingency spot.


Stay tuned tomorrow for some sick UTV racing, RC racing and of course, contingency row. We will get some great shots of all the racers up on Pirate4x4.com before they waste them on this brutal 135 mile course.

So that's it for the day, the racing was excellent, the Hammerking organization is incredible and the vendors are kicking ass! Come out and see the HUGE vendor tent and displays and get some killer deals on parts for your rig and check out the best racing in the world on Friday. Those of you that can't can kick back and watch it all unfold in the best seat in the house, Pirate4x4.com!

1 Ritchie Keller 12:09 KOH #5
2 Matt Peterson 13:40 KOH #10
3 Michael Feagins 13.51 KOH #58
4 Jason Feuilly 14:18 KOH #94
5 Loren Healy 14:18 KOH #53
6 Cottin Rodd 15:51 KOH #60
7 Gary Ferravonti 16:34 KOH #84
8 Michael Colville 16:45 KOH #3
9 Jack Childers 17:04 KOH #10
10 Joey Weber 20:05 KOH #9
11 Bill Kreisel 20:51 KOH #34
12 Les Figueroa 22:02 KOH #99
13 James Andrus 22:30 KOH #82
14 Jason Blanton 23:24 KOH #25
15 Carl Nielson 23:38 KOH #83
16 Brandon Davis 23:49 KOH #18
17 Robert Foster 24:49 KOH #77
18 Andy Gladen 24:55 KOH #14
19 AJ Condon 25:26 KOH #26
20 Matt Enochs 25:56 KOH #75
21 Brandon Johnson 27:32 KOH #64
22 Brian Tilton 27.37 (Should be in, Burton Jenner is a no show)
23 Chris Garrison 29:28 (Should be in, due to another no show)
24 Tim Emick 33:37
25 Shawn Fisher 35:05
26 John Goodby 47:51
27 Ian McGlynn 51:39

Larry Gipson DNF
Jonathon Terhune DNF
Chad Wheeler DNF
Aaron Becstead DNF
Damian Layer DNF
John Bennett DNF
Mark Weel DNF
Jose Ponce DNF

UPDATED 2010-02-10 at 8:00AM PST
by Lance Clifford

LCQ - Day Two

2010 King of the Hammers - Wednesday
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