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UPDATED 2011-02-14 at 6:10PM PST
by Lance Clifford

Click here to view the Photo Gallery

UPDATED 2011-02-12 at 7:10PM PST
by Lance Clifford

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King of the Hammers has come and gone once again. As the old addage goes, "The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same" might ring true this year. Because 2008 King of the Hammers winner Shannon Campbell is once again your 2011 Griffin "King" of the Hammers! Congrats to Shannon, and the entire Campbell Enterprises team.

Land vehicle Vehicle Off-road racing Off-roading Automotive tire

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We have TONS of new photos uploaded to the photo gallery tonight, so be sure to check them all out! Also be sure to check this page out in a day or two for Heavy Metal Concepts' KOH highlight video exclusively here on Pirate4x4.com.

Click here to view the Photo Gallery

UPDATED 2011-02-10 at 9:35PM PST
by Lance Clifford

Well it's the calm before the storm right now. We just finished all of our final preperations for our coverage tomorrow, and I gotta tell ya, it's going to be great if it all works! Expect live streaming video from the start, Chocolate Thunder, Back Door, and of course the finish line! We will have the live race ops radio feed/announcer feed at the link in the upper right of this screen. Be sure to listen to this, it is very important to follow the race properly! You'll also want to watch the tracking page. Unfortunately not everyone bought a tracker, but hopefully your favorite racer has one for you to follow!

Will from Heavy Metal Concepts kicked ass and whipped out this amazing LCQ highlight video. DON'T MISS IT, it's a GREAT video!!!

We've also got some photos uploaded to the photo gallery from today at contingency just in case you missed the live video stream. Check out the photo gallery here.

Vehicle Off-roading Team Tourism Car

We will see you guys at around 7:45AM PST for the 2011 King of the Hammers. I'm pumped to bring you guys this race!

UPDATED 2011-02-10 at 9:20AM PST
by Lance Clifford

We are up and streaming! Check out Thursday's LIVE coverage here - https://www.pirate4x4.com/king-of-the-hammers-2011/thursday.php

UPDATED 2011-02-08 at 7:40PM PST
by Lance Clifford

Photo gallery from today's action at the LCQ has been posted here - Gallery

Land vehicle Vehicle Off-road racing Car Automotive tire

Here's a short video of some of today's action -

UPDATED 2011-02-08 at 6:12PM PST
by Dustin Webster

King of the Hammers 2011 - Competition Review Board Ruling #001

6:00 pm - February 8, 2011

Team #4441's Darren Henke filed an official KOH Red Card formally issuing complaint on behalf of his team regarding an unfair course issue created by King of the Hammers.

The Competition Review Board (CRB), consisting of Shaun Bootsma, Jeff Knoll, Dave Cole, Chris Rea and Dustin Webster, reviewed the team's formal written complaint. Following the Standard Operating Procedure of the event, the CRB met as a group with the team to further clarify the situation. The summary is as follows:

Team #4441 was first to run in Tuesday's Last Chance Qualifier and upon cresting the second waterfall of the BackDoor Trail, found the main course line partially blocked by a support vehicle. This left the optional line to the right as the remaining choice for the team and taking this line, subsequently rolled and required recovery assistance. Their run ended with a DNF due to the recovery assistance. It must be noted that the right hand line they ended up taking put them into a higher off-camber situation than if they had taken the main course-line through the middle of the valley. Immediately following their recovery, the vehicle that had been blocking the main course-line was relocated and a fast / flat line was opened up, which most every team chose to take. The complaint by the team was that the course was changed not by an uncontrollable circumstance, but by a circumstance that the event hosts should have controlled, putting them at an unfair disadvantage when compared to the runs of the other teams.

Video and photographic evidence was presented by the team to show the course-line situation before, during, and after their run. Furthermore, KOH Representative Shaun Bootsma was in attendance during and after the situation and gave his own report on what he witnessed.

After confirming the situation and comparing the rules and procedures for hosting the event, the CRB found that Team #4441 was in-fact at a large unfair disadvantage based not on an error by the team, but on an error by representatives of King of the Hammers. In order to resolve this situation, the CRB unanimously decided that Team #4441 would be allowed a restart, running first off the line on Wednesday's Last Chance Qualifier.

Two stipulations were placed upon team #4441 to attempt to mitigate any advantage they may draw by having the restart:

1. They may not practice or pre-run any of the Last Chance Qualifier course between now and the restart.
2. During their restart run, they must not make attempts to climb the first waterfall without taking the time to connect a winchline to the official winch-point on their first try, as they did in Tuesday's run.

UPDATED 2011-02-08 at 4:55PM
by Lance Clifford

The LCQ is over for the day, but the video stream is still going. Check out a couple of excellent seminars from King Shocks and the Access Army beginning in 4 minutes right here - https://www.pirate4x4.com/king-of-the-hammers-2011/tuesday.php

UPDATED 2011-02-08 at 8:05AM
by Lance Clifford

Live coverage getting fired up now - https://www.pirate4x4.com/king-of-the-hammers-2011/tuesday.php

Updated 2011-02-07 at 9:15PM PST
by Dustin Webster

As Monday afternoon is rolling along, many teams are arriving back in the main camp to get ready for tonite's initial driver's meetings. At 6pm, the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) teams will get their final info on qualifying that starts tomorrow and also runs on Wednesday...then at 7pm there is a mandatory meeting for every team, to hear the rundown on safety and conservation.

As those teams came in, we grabbed a few notes on how things have been going:

#66, Eric "Mustard Dog" Anderson took Pirate's own Lance Clifford out prerunning earlier today. They ran about 15 miles and were excited about the rig's performance...that is until a rear uppe link mount let go at about 60 MPH and things got a bit shaky. They got back to camp, made the repairs, and MD is saying that for the first time, his 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers sponsored rig is prepped and ready enough for him to be feeling no pressure.

#210, Greg Adler of 4 Wheel Parts made a smart move and purchased a proven racer...the TrickToys Fabrication-built V8 buggy of "Easy" Rick Mooneyham. It is obviously quite different than his short-course and desert race vehicles, but he claims it is running strong and tracking well in the corners. They still have a little more dialing in to do and will look for a few more ways to take a little weight off, but at this point are feeling confident in their team and race plans.

#4472, Jose Manuel "Ponce" from Mexico came rolling across the track yelling "BONGO" and was clearly stoked to be on the lakebed. He said he has been so focused on his WRC Rally racing efforts that his time in the rocks has taken a backseat, so he's just going to use the next couple of days to get a plan going and will "wing the rest!"

No race number this year as she's taken a step back, Carey Steiner made it out today and said she just couldn't stay away. She will be donating her time to run radio relays for the teams and was trying her best to get radio frequencies from the individual teams.

Also, we ran into Land Use Advocate, John Stewart. I asked him what the latest news was on Johnson Valley and he said that with the Marine's potential takeover of these recreation lands, we were still in a holding pattern. Tuesday Night from 6 to 7, he and Del will be hosting a Land Use Seminar covering the latest issues we are facing in the threat to OHV recreation.

Chatting with Chris "RedneckRae" Rae, the Lead Tech Inspector for King of the Hammers, he said that this year the teams seemed to be far more prepared and ready on passing tech. He said his teamexpected to be working hard all day but things had gone so smooth that they had plenty of time to spare and relax. He commented that it was great to see how the level of professionalism has truly risen from times past.

#4408, News from Stan Hayes of Branik Motorsports was that he was in search of a new front ring and pinion...the rocks are big and the holes are deep on those trails, so carnage is the word of the day for many.

#4467, Nazir Adams and Adam Woodlee have spent a full week on the lakebed testing and tuning and as of this evening are starting their full race-prep and shrink-wrapping their buggy till race-day. Nazir said the new machine had a good showing with second place at the Vegas to Reno desert race and sincew then, he's gotton so comfortable in the car that everything is just second nature. Their plans for the next two days are to use Adam's old racer to run the entire course once each day to get their final bearings. When I walked up to chat with Adam, all he could do was grin from ear to ear. Let's just say his smile told the entire story!

#518, Brandon Hayes' buggy is running strong with running the first half of the course on Sunday and the second half Today. Sean Vinyard, his co-driver said they have been teamed up since 05 running TREC, W.E.ROCK, and XRRA, and are pretty happy with how things are working out. They will focus on race prep for the next 2 days as they prepare for the abusive day of the main event.

#721 and #722, the race rigs of Team SureClick's Justin and James Abernathy arrived with their crew, fresh out of the nasty weather crossing from Arkansas. One crewmember, Jeremy Young said snow and ice was so bad in Oklahome that it took over 12 hours to get 500 miles. As the drivers have not yet arrived, the crew was busy this evening dialing in the shocks and doing a little prep.

#112, the RockBug of Tracy Jordan has been hitting the trails the past couple of days. If you've followed the sotry on spidertrax.com, you'd know the SCAT v4 engine was replaced with an LS v8 and Tracy is still getting used to the change in power. The ever supportive crew from Driven Auto Parts said Tracy ran Wrecking Ball and Sledge today to shake the rig down a bit more and found they needed a little more tuning on the shocks. Spidertrax's Eddie Casanueva will finally rejoin the rock bashing crew after a long hiatus and will be riding shotgun for Tracy. It should be a great team effort!

#4475, Gary Farravanti Jr is driving basically the same racer he did in last year's KOH event. He claimed that King Shocks had things dialed in so well in 2010 that he was making no real changes this year...except for having to repaint the car from black to blue because his buddy, John Cagliero, was too stubborn to re-paint the black buggy he'd just bought so they wouldn't look like the Bopsy Twins...nice friend huh??? ;-) A quick tightening of the steering knuckles tonight and the team said they'd be ready to hit the LCQ Course when they start 17th on Tuesday.

#1544, Magnum Ink's Greg McNair and LeRoy Edelman had their rig parked and waiting for Easy Rick Mooneyham to come help with a small ignition timing issue they were facing on their Vortec 350 engine. With 42" MTR's and a wheelbase exceeding 120", this rig looks to be more than capable of eating the LCQ course alive....let's hope they get things worked out well enough to run strong and qualify!

#4417 of Buzz Bronsema and Shaun Wilson out of Cedar City, Utah appeared ready to rock and roll. News was the Sway A Way shocks were dialed in and the v8 engine was running strong. By far the cleanest buggy I saw today, their crew claimed the team was so happy with how things were going with their Trail Gear sponsored racer that they would give the rig a once-over and put it away till the big race. Glutton for punishment, Buzz and Shaun will race the UTV Race on Thursday, then suit up for the big event on Friday...That will be one tired team for sure!

#4411 of Dean Bulloch and PSC's Tom Allen was sitting in the tent with some body and paint damage to the gorgeous Heavenly Bodies paint job, but word was the racer was performing better than it ever had in all the time Dean has been running it.

#4427, Todd Stephenson is running Dean Bulloch's old UROC Samurai that was one of the winningest crawlers ever...not so long ago, Dean and Todd did completely rebuild the rig after so many years of competition abuse but Todd was proud that his PCS sponsored rig was decked out and running well!

#232, Brad Lovell and past rival Joachem Sweisow of RockRunner Racing have teamed up in the Amsoil Ford Ranger for yet another grand effort and spent the day prerunning the first half of the course. Brad's comment was that the 37" BFG tires are performing amazingly, but he's wondering if they'll be big enough for the GIANT holes that are now the biggest difficulty on the Outer Limits trail that comes just after 1/3 of the course is over. Starting at the front of the pack will help out for the first lap of this 60-mile looping course, but on the second lap, they'll face the destruction of any rigs that got in and dug things up worse than they already are. Still, confidence is high as the rig is running smooth and fast. When I asked how fast, Brad told me they were running at 67.4mph top speed...speaking with Joechem a few minutes later, he told me Brad's speedo was way off as the GPS clearly shows their top speed on the flats between Elvis and Martel was 104 mph...these two need to get their story straight! :)

#4432 of Roger Lovell was also running smooth and feeling less heartache in the trails as they are running the 40" BFG's. They spent some time shock tuning with Ron Stobaugh of Factory TEN, then ran hard prerunning alongside the #232 of his brother Brad. Dallas Ashley of SFR said the incredible power of this Proformance Ford 347 was just amazing after running last year in the Red Bull Jeep TJ. Today Dallas said his job was to compile a full list of race notes to enter into the GPS tonite as they plan to do a little more detailed navigation notes in a style similar to rally teams. The Ranger ran above 75 mph today but Roger said he's really holding back at this point, saving it for the race. His other claim was that although on paper the course may look easier than past events, it is turning out to be far rougher. To be the "KING" this year, you're going to have to earn it!

#4461 of Australia's Ben Napier, co-driven by Wayne "zukizzy" Isrealson, was looking great. Wayne told me that the rig is BLAZING FAST, running above 116 over New Years, but that they've been holding back as they have prepared over the last month...92 was the fastest today. This morning they ran the first half of the course (not including Outer Limits) and said it was pretty fast. Confidence was the keyword in thir pit when I was there!

#2175 of John Moulden and Tim Florian would normally be running with Tim behind the wheel in W.E.ROCK...this week, their roles have changed and John will take the lead in their Trail Gear/Sway A Way/PSC Steering sponsored buggy. Today, they pushed the wheelbase from 101" to 105" plus dialed the camber a bunch trying to get the rig to track better. At this point, they are out with Brian Bell of Sway A Way doing a final tune before taking to the LCQ course as they try to qualify. When I asked about BackDoor's infamous waterfall, Tim told me they got up it at a 101 wheelbase yesterday so were confident they'll make it up easier at 105". I will tell you from seeing it myself, the bottom of the fall has gotten even more worn out in the past year, not to mention a giant rock has rolled up on the right tire's line just above the top, so that climb is as tough as it has ever been...expect frustration and carnage from those without the rigs and skills that are as high as this team has!

Well, I need to wind this down as the big driver's meeting is beginning...I'll try to put together videos from "In the Pink Racing" as well as the entry from Italy a bit later on...it was a load of fun chatting with those guys and you'll enjoy what they had to say!

Updated 2011-02-07 at 5:15PM PST
by Lance Clifford

It's a gorgeous Monday morning here in Hammertown and the tech line for the LCQ was open. Walking the line of rigs waiting to be cleared, we ran into Rob Lynch and Joey Archuleta, both driving what look to be kickass racers. Check out the following video to see a few of the rigs in tech plus Rob's and Joey's interviews!

Updated 2011-02-07 at 2:51PM PST
by Lance Clifford

We are broadcasting LIVE RIGHT NOW on the Monday coverage page!!!!

Updated 2011-02-07 at 8:22AM PST
by Lance Clifford

Security Swat Troop Security guard

It's an all hands on deck security briefing in the Griffin Lounge right now. If you're coming out to Hammertown, you better obey the law. The Marines, CHP, Sheriff's dept, BLM, and other agencies are all out here in full force.

Updated 2011-02-07 at 1:02AM PST
by Dustin Webster

Yeah, it was another gorgeous day in Hammertown. As teams were wrenching, tuning, and pre-running, walking around the main pits you saw most people in t-shirt and shorts. Boone Road was busy all day as teams and spectators rolled along in a continuous snaking chain of tow-rigs, trailers, campers, and cars. Hammertown doubled in size today and for sure, the population looks like it will eclipse last year's incredible numbers.

As another day is wrapping up here on the lakebed, with the Superbowl wound down, Dave Cole and Jeff Knoll took to the microphone at the Main KOH Stage to welcome the teams to the 2011 King of the Hammers. Tom Beebe and the Griffin Radiator crew were on hand as well to wish everyone good luck and to share in the pride of once again being the title sponsor of the event. This is the third year in a row that Griffin has taken a leading role in KOH and we'll try to grab a video interview tomorrow so they can tell you the story they told us tooite...it'll humble you a bit to know how they came to be involved in our sport in such a big way!

As the evening's opening ceremonies came to a close and the Pirate4x4 DJ got ready to spin up some tunes at the Griffin/Pirate4x4 Lounge, we caught a few moments to chat with Lucas Murphy...he's hot off a wild ride and you can hear his story in the following video.

Updated 2011-02-06 at 5:45PM PST
by Dustin Webster

With just 5 days to go to the big race, we had some time to visit Travis Carpenter with the #4405 Land Use "Phoenix" race effort. Pictures and video DOES NOT do this buggy justice but for those without a chance to be here in person, we captured a bit of footage and an interview for you! Thanks to Josh "Korda" and Kris "OTR" for getting this for us!

Updated 2011-02-06 at 1:00AM PST
by Dustin Webster

Just when you think the world is coming apart at the seams, a breath of fresh air comes in the form of race gas and adrenaline. Anticipation for 11 3/4 months has led to this final week of insanity on the desert floor of Johnson Valley. Today was the first day Pirate hit the lakebed and more so than years past, you can see how serious this event is being taken. From the amazing efforts of the HammerKing team assembling the temporary city know as Hammertown, to the spectators that are already rolling in, to the numerous teams who are taking every second possible to test, tune, and prepare for the 2011 King of the Hammers,

Natural environment Desert Ecoregion Landscape Wadi

Today is Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011. Although the weather across the central and eastern US has turned ugly, here in Johnson Valley we are being smiled on with high 60's in the day, 30's to 40's at night, just enough breeze to push the dust away, and an outlook of clear skies. Walking the main pits, the wrenches are flying for a few people still trying to get new machines ready, but most of the tents and camps with tow-rigs parked outside, just happen to be empty as the teams are out testing. One of the teams that arrived early has two rigs already qualified for the big race. One of their race buggies is getting time on the trails while the other is in the final stages as they wrap up simple fabrication items like doing some finish welding, mounting swaybars, and buttoning up skid-plates. I'll let them introduce themselve in this video shot on a Go Pro HD...not normally the kind of camera you'd shoot an interview with, but hey, this is the desert and we're using something that can handle the elements and lack of care...regarding this interview, get ready to laugh!

Plenty of rigs to see at this point...here are a few pics we snapped as the sun was setting here on Saturday Evening.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car All-terrain vehicle Off-road racing

Land vehicle Vehicle Off-roading Off-road racing Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Off-road vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Off-road racing Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Off-roading

Land vehicle Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Car

Vehicle Transport Off-roading Car Off-road vehicle

Also, last night we had a chance to visit with Jason Sherer (2009 King of the Hammers Champion) as well as Mike Hendrix (Owner of Hendrix Motorsports and CoDriver for John James in the Marlin Crawler Toyota X-Chassis).

We all know that King of the Hammers has fueled a new growth spurt in the off road industry and for sure, Pirate4x4.com has been the place to see some of the wildest new race vehicle builds going...well, there's one build we didn't see...and, well, we are at a loss for words other than...well...cool! Check it out!

As night falls tonight, the barbeques are firing up and we're headed to Allied Wheels / Raceline's Greg Mulkey's motorhome for his usual amazing hospitality and great southern cooking!

Posted by Nolen Grogan 2/4/2011 @ 10:30AM PST

T-Minus 7 days

We are one week out from the 2011 King of the Hammers. Checking the various threads on Pirate4x4.com, there are problems everywhere. Teams are thrashing to find parts at the last minute, new buggy builds have not even fired up for the first time, and Mother Nature has thrown up a blanket of snow and ice across I-10, I-20, I-30 and I-40. Teams are trying to make it across country and are faced with their first major obstacle of KOH2011. The weather.

Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire All-terrain vehicle Off-road racing

While all of this thrashing is going on, there is one team that is not having any of these problems. Team Adam Racing has been sitting on the lakebed tuning, wrenching, and pre-running for its third day in preparation for the main event a week away. Yesterday as sleet was pelting my truck in Madison Mississippi, KOH co-driver and chief fabricator for Team Adam Racing, Adam Woodlee called in a report directly from the sunny lakebed in Johnson Valley California.

All-terrain vehicle Vehicle Sand Off-roading Tent

Team Adam is a sea of red this year with 4 buggies on the lakebed. They have the single-seat buggy built by Marco Customs, a brand-new "Blower Buggy", Woodlee's own 2009/10KOH buggy and finally, the new KOH/Ultra4 racer.

Before we got into the Ultra4 talk, I had to ask about the "Blower Buggy" since this was its first trip out of the shop. This thing is 1000% sickness. It looks like the Ultra4 buggy on steroids. Adam said it revs out so fast both high and low range that it is hard to hold on to. He says it delivers and insane amount of power to the wheels. I asked him if he was going to be doing any tuning on this buggy and he said they were not going to try to make this buggy do anything it was not designed for. This buggy is for hard-core SE type wheeling with slick verticals and big rocks.

Land vehicle Vehicle All-terrain vehicle Automotive tire Tire

Check it out in detail here: Wide Open Design's Blower Buggy build

The conversation quickly went to the Ultra4 racer also built by Woodlee and his talented team of fabricators. This buggy made a near flawless debut at Vegas to Reno in the Ultra4 class back in 2010 and then went back into the shop at Wide Open Design for upgrades and tweaks. Adam says they have really gotten the buggy dialed in for the whoops and chops of the Johnson Valley desert. He said he had played a little with top speed and he was nowhere near the top at 93mph. Adam says the buggy is very comfortable in the short chops at 80mph. That is FAST for a solid axle car. This year they are running the KRT-B tire hoping not to out drive the tires as they did in KOH2010. I asked about factory support for shock tuning and Adam told me his Chief Fabricator David Guest was handling all the tuning and was really getting the buggy dialed in.

If you want more information on the Ultra4 racer, check out the build thread here: Wide Open Design build for Team Adam Racing 4467

More from the Lakebed as we get it here on Pirate4x4.com...teams, check in with me when you get there and I will try to get your story up on Pirate. PM me "wngrog" here on Pirate. Let us know what is happening from the "horse's mouth"

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Car Tire

Posted by Nolen Grogan 2/2/2011 @ 11:45AM PST

Land vehicle Off-road racing Off-roading Vehicle Automotive tire

KOH 2011 is upon us! It is almost race week and the racers and promoters are thrashing to get it all together for the main event just 10 days away. The 5th running of the King of the Hammers will bring in some of the same and lots of new for 2011. Think bigger, better, faster and safer! Construction of "Hammertown" began earlier this week as well as trail marking. The Hammerking staff and an army of volunteers have poured into Means "Dry-ish" Lakebed braving high winds and cold weather to build the largest temporary city in the west since Burning Man. An amazing transformation will be occurring over the next few days in this spot, be sure to check back daily for pictures and updates from Hammertown.

Natural environment Sand Ecoregion Soil Desert

Starting lineup will be similar as it was in 2010. Side-by-side, 100 racers will blast off in 1 minute intervals. This year, veteran rockcrawler and OG-13 racer Tracy Jordan sits in the Pole Position in his nasty little Spidertrax Rock Bug. With brand-new LS power, Tracy is looking to dominate out of the gate and never look back. One minute behind he and KOH 2011 title sponsor Greg Adler will be Barry Beadle in a brand-new untested Jimmy's 4x4 racer and the winner of the LCQ shootout being held on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Vehicle Car Engine Auto part

The LCQ is the Last Chance Qualifier that has been a staple of KOH for the last 2 years. At the LCQ, 70 teams will be battling it out for 20 spots in the main race. The LCQ is stacked this year with some of the most talented racers in the world of Ultra4 racing. Local favorite Randy Slawson is back in the driver's seat this year in his new Bomber II chassis. Without a spot in the main race, Randy is gunning for the #1 spot in the LCQ and second start off the line. Co-Owner of Hammerking, Dave Cole says "I've seen Randy run back door from the first rocks till he's out of site above the second climb in less than 30 seconds. I can't imagine there is anyone on the planet that has run that trail more than him." Big words from the Big Guy, but Randy has veteran KOH racers; Cassie Currie, Brian Shirley, Greg Hussey and countless others wanting that spot just a bad as he. Stay tuned on Tuesday and Wednesday for LIVE coverage from Pirate4x4.com.

Course marking is done according to Jeff Knoll, co-owner of Hammerking. The chalk layout for camping spots, vendor areas and the circus tent require an unbelieveable amount of pre planning. Jeff reports, "HammerTown is coming together despite the heavy wind we've been getting. We will soon finish the vendor show that is over an acre in size this year, and go start laying out the spectator areas in the AM. The first 60x60 Griffin Lounge tent is built and ready to rumble. Pit tent construction begins tomorrow."

Vehicle Natural environment Off-roading Soil Landscape

Jeff Knoll lays out course markers for the 2011 King of the Hammers

Desert Natural environment Wilderness Wadi Landscape

Desert Natural environment Sand Wadi Mountainous landforms

Thanks to TurtleTruck for the images of the course marking

So who will win KOH 2011? The talent pool has never been so full at any KOH race. There are literally 50 drivers in this field that could easily win this race with the equipment, teams and experience they are bringing. All it would take is one unfortunate bottleneck to take out the "favorites" allowing an unknown with a clean race to grab the checkered flag. With 2011 being a 2 lap race, Pirate4x4.com live coverage will be better than ever. We will be able to keep up with the racers much better than in years past and bring you guys the best coverage on the planet.

Tire Automotive tire Auto part Wheel Automotive wheel system

So who do I pick to win? No way... There is no way to accurately pick a winner in a race like the King of the Hammers.

Land vehicle Vehicle Off-road racing Off-roading Desert racing

Land vehicle Vehicle Off-roading Off-road racing Off-road vehicle

Keep checking this page for the latest updates from the lakebed. We will be checking the media sources from Pirate4x4.com, Facebook and ultra4racing.com for all of the updates and as ALWAYS, no one will be bringing you the LIVE action like Pirate4x4.com.

Race Order:

Bob Willis 100 Car # 913
Buzz Bronsma 99 car # 4417
Kevin Yoder 98 Car # 4434
Adam Arenault 97 car # 762
Dean Bulloch 96 Car # 4411

LCQ #20 95

LCQ #19 94
Chris Ridgway 93 car # 4423

LCQ #18 92
Cottin Rodd 91 car # 7

LCQ #17 90
Travis Carpenter 89 Car # 4405
Matt Enochs 88 car # 4424

LCQ#16 87

LCQ#15 86
Hobie Smith 85 car # 10
Travis Cook 84 car # 4440
John James 83 car # 28
John Sweet 82 car # 366
Ritchie Keller 81 Car # 202
Derek Summers 80

LCQ#14 79
Tim Madge 78
Brandon Watson 77 car # 4488
Todd Pucket 76 car #7114
Sean Rose 75 Car # 914
Eric Anderson 74 Car # 66
Joe Silva 73 Car #4449
Nazir Adam 72 car # 4467
Travis Watford 71 Car # 4429
Adam Carter 70 car # 4433

LCQ#13 69
Jesse Haines 68 Car # 4499
Jack Adams 67 car # 284
Mike Karwath 66 car # 999
Rob Usnick 65 car # 406
Rick Mooneyham 64 Car # 554

LCQ#12 63
Shannon Campbell 62 Car # 5
Jt Taylor 61 Car # 13
Dave Schneider 60 car # 4471
Clint Ellett 59 Car # 70
Erik Miller 58 car # 4421
John Boring 57 car # 87

LCQ#11 56
Chuck Dempsey 55 car # 50
Tom Wayes 54 car # 321
Larry McRae 53 Car# 80
Jason Picket 52 car #4444
Matt Overton 51 car # 4462
Levi Shirley 50 car # 81
Mike Coleville 49 car #204
Nick Nelson 48 Car # 4404
PSC 47
Rob McKeeney 46 car # 8
Jack Graef 45 car # 99
Matt Messer 44 Car # 17
Kris Fraser 43 car # 604

LCQ#10 42
Tony Pellegrino 41 car # 805

LCQ#9 40
Doug Bigelow 39 car # 4413
Derek Trent 38 Car # 22
Jose Manuel Ponce 37 Car # 4472
Jason Scherer. 36 Car # 76
Gary Ferravanti 35 Car # 4446
Curtis Warner 34 car # 4410
John Reynolds 33 car # 427
Todd McCullen 32 car#4422
Les Figueroa 31 Car # 4478
Fabio Manno 30 car # 100
Brent Goegebuer 29 Car # 4473

LCQ#8 28

LCQ#7 27
Tony Rientdorf 26 car # 302
Bill Phillips 25 Car # 4480

LCQ#6 24
JR Van Ortwick 23 car # 11
Brandon Haynes 22 Car # 518

LCQ#5 21
Stan Haynes 20 car # 4408
David Smiley 19 car # 609
Bart Dixon 18 Car# 26
Kevin Sacalas 17 Car # 4435
Loren Healy 16 Car#4428
Lucas Murphy 15 car # 816

LCQ#4 14

LCQ#3 13
Michael Feagins 12 car # 929
Derek West 11 Car# 4420
Dustin Emick 10 Car # 4443
Roger Lovell 9 Car # 4432
Ragnar Robertsson 8 car # 780
Brad Lovell 7 Car#232
Ben Napier 6 Car # 4461

LCQ#2 5
Barry Beadle 4 Car # 4452

LCQ#1 3
Tracy Jordan 2 Car # 112
Greg Adler 1 car # 210

Last Chance Qualifier List

Craig Ross 70 car # 4138
Fred Hill 69 car # 109
BJ Allen 68 car # 4426
Greg Hussey 67 Car #4450
Mike Stowe 66 car # 269
Chris Garrison 65 Car # 9
Billy Briney 64 car # 4439
Greg Lundeen 63 Car #701
Bill Kreisel 62 car # 407
Ryan Pierce 61 car # 72
Jon Moulden 60 car # 2175
Gregg McNair 59 Car # 1544
Randy Slawson 58 Car # 4448
Scott Sines 57 car # 88
Jermey Hengl 56 car # 85
Joey Archuleta 55 car # 127
Garland (BO) Tucker 54 Car # 6
Harold Fijman 53 car # 777
John Bennett 52 car # 4491
Michael Foster 51 car # 3430
Paul Hoffman 50 car # 4483
Jason Fowler 49 car # 879
Phil Pelaez 48 car # 678
Nicholas McGaha 47 Car # 505
Rusty Bray 46 Car # 4498
John Webb 45 Car # 4468
Dustyn Friesen 44 car # 313
Zach Steele 43 Car #7214
Casey Currie 42 Car #2
Matt Lee 41 Car # 79
John Dunn 40 Car #700
Jeff Hollfelder 39 Car # 67
Jon Cagliero 38 car # 27
Brian McCarthy 37 Car #415
Nathan Unruh 36 Car # 63
Terill Johnson 35 car # 4442
Michael Smith 34 car # 56
Tim Emick 33 Car #4443
David Buchberger 32 car # 911
Justin Abernathy 31 Car # 721
Brian Tilton 30 car # 4416
Brian Shirley 29 car # 18
Joel Withers 28 car # 4447
Ritchie Carter 27 car # 4474
Rob Lynch 26 car # 4463
Tim Diekman 25 car # 4343
Warren Thomas 24 Car # 257
Shawn Inman 23 car # 187
Jack Childers 22 Car # 4469
Mike Klensin 21 car # 143
Andy Gladen 20 Car #541
Jeremy Hammer 19 Car # 97
John Goodby 18 car # 450
Gary Ferravanti JR. 17 Car # 4475
Keith Northrup 16 car # 1028
Jason Blanton 15 Car # 966
Mike Dora 14 Car # 4409
Jim Brown 13 car # 104
Jason Abernathy 12 Car # 722
Louie Keener 11 car # 4496
Casey Beach 10 car # 4484
Jason Spegal 9 Car # 69
Michael Amaral 8 Car # 4487
Joe Bunker 7 car # 864
Matthew Legg 6 car # 4464
Andy Johnson 5 Car # 124
Matt Peterson 4 car # 212
Alex Hardaway 3 car # 421
Chris Pook 2 car # 4477
Darren Henke 1 Car # 4441
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