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Found the above link sorry if its a repost, I don't keep up as much as I used too.

This is a freindly reminder that if you would like to race in KOH 2009 you will need to submit an application no later then July 11th 2008.


A few suggestions.

* Incomplete applications will get likely get tossed in the trash. Last year we had a very difficult time getting driver information turned in. This makes marketing the teams and the race very difficult. We will not consider any team that does not take ownership in the event. I suggest that you send in a complete marketing package with your application. We are looking for teams that know what it takes.

* Don't call Jeff or Dave directly, we both have 50 hour a week jobs, and pitching your team in this form will not likely work. I personally enjoy the phone conversations, and I have made many freinds in this manor, but truthfully when we we sit down to decide, its not likely I will remember the chat we had 2 months ago. Please give us your info in writing.

*Even if you are OG 13 you must turn in an application. refer to the first *.

*Just a couple things to help with gaining entry into what some now refer to as the toughest single day off road race in the world. Pretty big shoes to fill for Hammerking productions, but with the help of the industry we hope to continue the positive gains we have made over the last year.

A simple You Tube search will net you a few really nice film shorts that will help market this race, I included the Spike TV coverage at the top of this thread. If you liked the coverage please drop the guys at Spike an email. Ian worked hard to get our sport included in the line up, we are thankful.

The King of the Hammers film is currently in post production, and we are meeting mid July to do some follow up camera work. Looks like we are pretty close to our schedule so far. As of this time we are not going to do a pre sale, maybe when we get closer. Dave and I are starting to develope a plan for the KOH 2009 film and we hope to have media packages worked out soon.

Dave and I hope to create a partnership that will allow us a large premire party to be anounced late summer.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the industry for continued support for this event. It seems every time I turn around talk is about KOH. We expected the momentum to slightly slow, but it continues to generate steam, even in the slowing economy. We have recieved applications from around the globe, and from all sorts of motorsports.

Jeff Knoll
Hammerking Productions Inc.

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I am so glad that you posted that Extreme footage line as my cable system sucks. Since Ian will likely see this, is there a specific e-mail address/contact person that would be best to send info to at Spike? I think a bunch of people will send positive e-mails and it would be great if they could get to the right person for the most impact.

Again, thanks for the link and putting the race together.

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This guy with the user-name "JR" - is that the famous "JR Reynolds" mentioned in the video? :flipoff2:

Pulling for you next year mate - revenge is sweet! Get hungry (and wheel brakes :flipoff2:)
Thanks, but it seems a lot of people are devoting their entire lives to building super duper koh rigs...and they all have wheel brakes :flipoff2:.
We'll see.
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