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CJ said:
I remember reading that new king pin knuckles were no longer avaible.
I was looking at a new rear stear GMC. It had king pins on the back.
They must be avaible new someware, they might be spendy though.
Look closer... the one I checked out, appeared to have a ball joint rear axle setup. I'd like to see the parts separate from the axle to confirm. The clamp assembly holding the stud in place is what told me it was ball joint.

That aside, the rear steer GM (quadrasteer) only offers 15 degrees or so of steering angle--not enough to be truly useful on the trail.

Even when kingpin D60s were available, the inner "C" was not available separately--it was a direct-from-Dana only-to-certain-accounts deal, and only the OEM's could get 'em.

New kingpin knuckles (inners and outers) will be available soon. I've already seen the pattern work.
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