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Hey Guys,
I have never really posted here, joined ages ago but really have just lurked when needed ever since. That said, Im an active member over of Powerstrokenation and Powerstrokearmy. Any concerns about my integrity just shoot me a PM and we can line up a time to talk on the phone or something. So...

A set of Ford axles, Kingpin Dana 60 and matching sterling 10.25 rear, 4.10 gears. These are out of a 1990 truck with 150 000 miles on it, I have since put another 10 000 miles since they have been in my truck.

Both axles are functional and work (they are currently in the truck, just completed a roadtrip), however they could probably use a freshening up.

Rear has new brakes (raybestos), drums, and wheel seals 5000 miles ago. Comes complete Drum to Drum.

Front has new brakes about 7500 miles ago, calipers and rotors (front has a mix and match of brands, whatever was available at the parts store the day I did it). Comes complete rotor to rotor, along with all the OBS steering linkages, track bar bracket and drop plate, Drivers side bottom U-bolt plate, and steering stabilizers (hydro from skyjacker, they probly dont really do anything anymore..).

Axles also come with a set of lugnuts, they are in rough shape but will get the wheels attached, may be able to dig up the original lugnuts as well.

These are located in Hershey, PA, I may be able to and meet halfway somewhere reasonable, but no guarantees. Have a shop crane to load into truck so you wont need a gaggle of friends to lift them.

Price is 850 for both and everything I have for them, shocks not included.

These are currently in a truck and will be removed in about 2 weeks. Anyone interested will not be able to obtain them until about July 20th.

Also selling rims and tires that are currently with these axles.

A set of 4 18" Mickey Thompson Classic lock wheels 8x6.5, and 37x13.5R18 Toyo Open county MT tires.

Wheels come with detachable simulated bead-lock ring (not shown in picture), and are in good shape with complete rings. They do need a polish, but I speak from experience when I say they come up really nicely; can be brought to 95% of new condition with a couple hours with a good polish. Cant remember the specs on these and MT no longer makes them in this size or variation, but I think it was 4.5inch backspacing? Dont remember the offset, but they will place the tire further out by about and inch on and OBS...

Tires are 37" Toyo's. These are about 6 years old, have a solid amount of tread left (approx 50%). The truck was used sparingly the last 2 years, so the tires didnt see a lot of use. Because of this there is a bit of drying on the outside, but they are functionally sound, just completed a roadtrip with 1500Ibs in the back, no problems and perfectly balanced.

^ The tires are all good EXCEPT one of them. These were run for about 10000 miles on an OBS F250 before I did a Dana60 swap, and despite an expensive alignment, the passenger side front got pretty much fubarred. This tire has about 20% tread left and can still be run just fine, while the other three have the stated 50%.

Come with a complete set of lugnuts that are polished in a box, they are not perfect or brand new, but they look pretty good.

Located in Hershey PA, price is 800$ OBO.

Pic from today without beadlock ring.

Tread on good tires, dont have a pic of the bad one.

With ring, a couple weeks ago.
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