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This is mostly a question for Dave but I bet everyone is wanting to ask it or would want to if they quit freaking out about not being able to go back to their garage during the race.:flipoff2:

So the course is released Friday AM with check in.
Pre running begins right after you get registered and get the course.

With the mod and stock race Sunday that means no pre running that day? What about the LCQ/qualifier course on Sunday, will it be closed as part of the EMC? I see a good chance for some R&R, volunteer for the EMC, work on stuff kind of day

LCQ/qualifier runs Tuesday and Wednesday.
Is there a time we can practice/pre run the LCQ/qualifier course during those days, i.e. off hours?
When do we know when we qualify? Show up during a time slot or will you assign us a position on one of those days?
Then of course no pre running Thursday with the UTV race and tech and contingency like usual.

Race Friday with a pre ass crack of dawn line up complete with Roxy and her Bullhorn:laughing:
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