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Posted on 02.15.10 by camo

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Les Figueroa and Co driver Joe Thompson in the Lucas Oil/Figspeed car 4478 gave it a valiant effort but in the end came up short.

"I have to say to just qualify for the race was exciting and we were ready to go out for a day of wheeling, we had not had an opportunity to run the course with many last minute changes to the car after the LCQ, the crew and I worked on the car until 2:30 am and were headed to the starting line just after 5 am. We had a fantastic and fun day of racing and had to bow out at mile 110 due to electrical failures.

We had so much fun and have meet some great people and hope to be able to compete in other events but no doubt we will be back for 2011 King of the Hammers. It was a big learning experience for me and our team as we came from Drag Racing and they could not be more different.

I have so much gratitude and appreciation to express to everyone that helped us get into the race and supported us, Thank You to my wife and team manager, my crew at the race and the shop, Tom @ Lucas Oil, Everyone at Figspeed, Rick @ Trick Toys Fabrication, John @ Creative Imagining, Bob @ SMI and Kris @ ARB. The entire Hammer King Production group - Dave, Jeff & Charlene, Pirate 4x4 for keeping everyone that could not make it out updated. I will be back for more fun and hope to do better for all that support me and the team"

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