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I used it to dig part of a small pond, do basic dirt work, and plow.

Less than 150 hours.
(Will go up slightly as I use it until sold or we move)

Small dent on engine side cover where a UTV I tipped back over touched it, and dented it. No "real" damage at all.

Comes with:

- Front end bucket
- 4 in 1 Front end bucket
- Front Hood Guard
- Front & Rear AUX Lights
- Storage Area Next to Engine
- Front AUX. Hydraulics (HIGH GPM, can run jackhammer or snow blower even)
- Rear AUX. Hydraulics (can run jackhammer even on the backhoe)
- 3PT Hardware (NEVER USED)
- OEM/Kubota Backhoe
-- Hydraulic Thumb w/Foot Control
-- 18" Bucket
-- 12" Bucket (Trenching)

I`m probably forgetting a few things... let me know if you have any questions.

It's in Georgetown California.

Price: 45,000 OBO -- Send me a PM, and let's chat!

Trades: None
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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