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To celebrate 60 years of Land Cruiser in North America (1957-2017) I have created a set of 4 window decals:

1) '1951' Mt. Fuji -- Land Cruiser BJ 6th station milestone
2) 'Summit' FJ-40 -- A timeless design celebrates 60 years in North America
3) 'Super Cargo' FJ-45 -- By definition a 'supercargo' is an officer in charge of important cargo
4) 'Compass' Engine(s) -- Select list of engines powering various Land Cruiser models

These are sold in sets of (4) for $12 or $4 each including free worldwide shipping.

Decal Specs:

1) 3.5" diameter (88mm)
2) Front adhesive (inside glass) decal

Best option to buy: (I will confirm each order & shipping via email)

PayPal, I will send payment information to anyone interested.

If you have questions please don't hesitate to send me a PM.

Thanks all,

Mo Faraz

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