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Leaf spring clamps

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Ok, we all know they can limit articulation.. but what to replace with? Need something to help keep the leafs in line I seem to remember seeing a clamp, that was designed to allow the springs to move vertically .. Had like two long straps and two bolts with spacers that would allow the fasteners to be tight but place no force against the leaf it self. This left the leafs free to separate and move vertical, but kept them in line horizontally. Easy enough to go fab,,, but how would the clamp stay in position? It seems it would be free to move the length of the spring...hmmm unless it was attached somehow to the bottom spring......
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Originally posted by Bronco78:
<STRONG>hmmm unless it was attached somehow to the bottom spring......</STRONG>
Just don't weld it to the spring.
The brackets you are talking about I use all the time. To do this though the spring must have them intalled already and attached to the bottom spring as you said. On new spring sets, I heat the clamps and bend the folded over tabs straight up, drill holes, them bolt them using double nuts so the bolts dont have to be tightened down and rebending the tabs togther. On spring droop, you can see the springs opening up and allowing that little bit extra, works good. But with no clamps attached, there would be no way to hold them in position the spring ends. Usually they are more or less rivited to the springs.
just bend the clamps out so they act as a guide.
The way I did mine was you bend the tab so they fit the springs just snug and you drill a hole on top. Then run 3/8 bolt across the top of the springs to keep the springs from coming apart and weld them to the tip of the springs, they won't brake. I have been running mine for three years have'nt broke one yet. The trick is to keep the springs separated when you weld them. <IMG SRC="smilies/idea.gif" border="0">
they make that stuff, U brakets and countersunks screws and everything you need.

some pictures are on this page of mine http://www.geocities.com/yj3qtr_ton/addleaf.html

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