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Leaf spring mount help!

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Hi all! New member to the forum. I have an issue with my newly purchased '85 and I am hoping to get some opinions. Cant find an existing post, so Im making a new one.

The passenger leaf spring mount has sustained an impact. The mount is bent, and the wheel has been set back about 2 inches in the wheel well. It is sitting too close to the running board, and rubs sometimes when turning over a bump. It drives straight after tie rod adjustment, but I would like to get it back to center. I am concerned about excess wear on the front axle.

Would it be possible to bend back the mount? Or would that compromise the structural integrity? Is a whole new bumper/mount assembly in order? Is it even worth trying to tackle this issue? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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Personally I’d cut the whole crossmember off build mounts and redrill frame sleeves where the shackle goes move the whole axle forward as well as do crossover with an ifs box at the same time.
Whats said above ..
Mounts going to likely rip apart when bending it back...trailgear makes a decent crossmember and mount kit if your fab skills sucks.
Usually ment to sas second gen trucks ...could fix yours up easy i think
Thanks for your replies fellas.

My fabrication skills are basically non existent, so that kit from trail gear looks like it will be the ticket. Looks like a pretty simple weld in. Just to clarify, is it this kit that you are referencing?

Just need to weld this in if I understand correctly?
Yup. Thats thee one. Does need to be welded in. Replaces an reinforces the spring mounts and front crossmember
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