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LED trailer lights

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Anyone have a good affordable source for LED stop/turn/tail and marker lights for trailers? I don't have any trouble finding them, but most places are extremely proud of them. I realize they're going to be more expensive than incandescent lights, but $40 per light seems a little steep to me.
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E-trailerpart.com or something like that has LED 'packages' that didn't strike me as that bad of an over-all price.

I've been considering that to upgrade my trailer... but its hard to justify since everything is working just fine right now.

Does Missouri require a lighted trailer plate??

actually I think WA does to (I know they do for vehicles) but mine never has and I've been followed/passed stater's a couple of times but no one has ever made and issue of it.

Heck, my plates riveted/wrapped around my fender. Has never seemed to me an issue.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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