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LED trailer lights

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Anyone have a good affordable source for LED stop/turn/tail and marker lights for trailers? I don't have any trouble finding them, but most places are extremely proud of them. I realize they're going to be more expensive than incandescent lights, but $40 per light seems a little steep to me.
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do you want flanged type or the slip fit with rubber grommet? i bought a set of LED lights for my flatbed conversrion but they are flange style. They were $19 each at harbor frieght. Work great, real bright output.

Not a bad price on those.... I already have a pair of those flanged style, but those round ones might not work out for me due their diameter. The oval style would fit much better for me. I'm also looking for the little round marker lights as well.
That's not a bad deal at all.... but the guy needs a little help with his terminology. Those are SURFACE mount lights... not FLUSH mount like his ad says.
That's a pretty good package deal there... I'm looking at this one:

Since it also includes 75' of conspicuity tape that I'll need to replace after I paint the ugly pig. May have to give them a call and see if they can do some substituting on the packages. I could realy use 4 red and 4 yellow marker lights.
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Through all the various sources listed in this thread, I have found pretty much all the lights that I want/need. The exception being a licence plate light. I can't seem to find one listed.
Does Missouri require a lighted trailer plate??

actually I think WA does to (I know they do for vehicles) but mine never has and I've been followed/passed stater's a couple of times but no one has ever made and issue of it.

Heck, my plates riveted/wrapped around my fender. Has never seemed to me an issue.
Yeah.... they're supposed to be. But in the last 5 years, none of my trailers have had a lighted plate and I've never been hassled by the man. Hell, I even got away with blazin' down I-80 doing 75+ coming out of Sacremento. I was wondering why people kept looking at me funny as I passed them or they passed me. Wasn't until I was out of CA before I found out that they have a trailer speed limit of 55. :homer::flipoff2:
I looked at every link posted here in this thread.... thanks for all the links!

I ended up going with LED-R-US. They had the stuff I was looking for at the best prices for what I was looking for and on top of that there was no sales tax AND they're running a special right now... free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

I got 61-LED oval s/t/t grommet mount lights for the same or less than what most places are selling 10-LED lights.

I also picked up a bunch of 9-LED 2" round grommet mount marker lights for less than I could find 3-LED 2" lights on other sites (they're marked down right now).

While I was at it, I also picked up all new 3-LED surface mount marker lights for the camper (these were also marked down right now).
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All my LED's showed up last Friday. I hooked up a couple of them up to a battery to check them out.... I'm still seeing spots!! :flipoff2:

Those 61 LED s/t/t lights are freakin' bright! I pity the fool :mr-t: that has to follow me at night. :laughing:
I get mine at NAPA.
I could have too.... if I felt like paying an ass-load and a half more than I did.
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