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LED trailer lights

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Anyone have a good affordable source for LED stop/turn/tail and marker lights for trailers? I don't have any trouble finding them, but most places are extremely proud of them. I realize they're going to be more expensive than incandescent lights, but $40 per light seems a little steep to me.
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I bought mine from a seller on eBay that goes by the name closer2wholesale I believe. Prices were very reasonable, and shipping was very fast.

Haven't installed them yet, but they look very nice and appear to be well sealed.
Here you go:


If that won't work for you, try browsing the guy's store. He's got quite a few little white LED lights that are water proof.
Oh, and if you enter "C2W" in the promo code box when you checkout I believe you will get 10% off. ;)
Seems to me cops are generally happy/grateful if trailers are properly lit and not falling apart. I think at least half the trailers on the road these days don't mean one of those two requirements.

I think it also has to do with the fact that different states' requirements vary so much. Some states don't require you to tag/register trailers at all, while others are very strict.
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