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MEMO TO: United Four Wheel Drive Associations
FROM: Carla Boucher
RE: Legislative Advocate Report
DATE: June 2, 2000

WHAT: On January 12, 2000, I issued a report which announced the intention of the BLM to develop a national strategy for ensuring environmentally responsible OHV use on BLM-managed lands, according to a BLM news release on 1/10/00. See http://www.wi4wda.org/carlaboucher/blm-ohv1-12-00-cover.html regarding my 1/12/00 alert.

HOW IT EFFECTS UFWDA: The BLM will begin to foster a dialogue between the BLM and the public regarding this national OHV strategy next week. Look for an announcement from the BLM on their website at www.blm.gov starting next week.

There will be three different types of opportunities for public involvement to develop this strategy.
(1) The first will by through an OHV Mailer. This mailer will be sent to anyone who is listed on any State BLM Office mailing list, as well as those people who requested information on this strategy from the Washington, D.C. Office of the BLM this earlier this year (nearly 600 people).
(2) The second will by through a page on the BLM website which is currently under construction at www.blm.gov. Comments can be made at the website.
(3) The third will be through “Listening Meetings”. These meetings will be held either through each of the State BLM Offices, of through the state’s Resource Advisory Council meetings. Verbal comments can be made at these Listening Meetings. The format of the meetings will vary from state to state between open-house type meetings, and “hearing” meetings.

The BLM, through all three methods, will list the OHV issues it is grappling with. Then it will ask the public to offer suggestions to deal with each of these issues. These suggestions will be taken by the Washington Office and compiled into a “tool box” of solutions to the OHV issues facing the BLM. The purpose behind this strategy is to leave all decision-making about OHV issues to the local offices, but to provide these offices with a box of “tools” to utilize when addressing their specific OHV needs.

The BLM will NOT be issuing a notice of rulemaking, and the BLM will NOT be preparing any type of NEPA or Environmental Analysis document as part of this strategy. This strategy is simply a method of finding solutions to OHV issues from the public, in an attempt to avoid litigation by those affected by OHV decisions, both in the motorized recreation community, and in the anti-access community.

The strategy will be officially announced next week. Watch www.blm.gov

Listening Meetings will be announced through the RAC mailing lists, State BLM Office mailing lists, and through notices in the Federal Register. Notices of some meetings have already been issued on the Federal Register, despite the fact that the notices in some cases did not specifically state that the RAC meeting would address this national OHV strategy.

Here is the list of meetings scheduled so far:

6/10/00: Saturday, 8:00 a.m., California Desert District Advisory Council, Kerr-McGee Center, 100 West California Avenue, Ridgecrest, CA (turn west onto California from China Lake Blvd., and follow the road to the Center). Contact the California Desert Office for more information, (909) 697-5200.

6/15/00 – 6/16/00: Thursday, 8:00 a.m.; Friday 8:00 a.m., time for the public to address the RAC will be on Friday, 6/16/00, between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. New Mexico Resource Advisory Council. The location of the meetings have not been set yet. Contact Mary White for information, (505) 438-7404.

6/22/00: Thursday, 9:00 a.m., Lower Snake River District Resource Advisory Council, Lower Snake River District Office, 3948 Development Avenue, Boise, ID. Contact Barry Rose for information, (208) 284-3393.

If it were me and I were really interested in seeking input from the public at “Listening Meetings” I would have scheduled the RAC meetings in the evening or on a Saturday, as the California Desert District Advisory Council has done on June 10. But, I’m not the BLM idea-girl, so it would seem that the best opportunities for public comment will be via the BLM website, by U.S. Mail (an address will announced next week), or via the OHV Mailer.

Please, telephone your State BLM Office and request that they host a “Listening Meeting” for you during the evening or on a weekend day. For a list of offices on the Internet go to: http://www.blm.gov/nhp/directory/index.htm If you live East of Idaho, your only opportunity to attend a Listening Meeting in the East will be somewhere in Washington, D.C.

Alaska: (907) 271-5960
Arizona: (602) 417-9200
California: (916) 978-4400
Colorado: (303) 239-3700
Idaho: (208) 373-4000
Montana: (406) 896-5012
Nevada: (775) 861-6400
New Mexico: (505) 438-7400
Oregon/Washington: (503) 952-6002
Utah: (801) 539-4001
Wyoming: (307) 775-6256

If you have a great idea for dealing with OHV management issues on BLM-managed lands, please feel free to post these ideas on the United Bulletin Board. Go to www.ufwda.org, click on “United’s Bulletin Board”, then “Post your message”.

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i know the head guy of recreation here in elko blm real well im gonna go talk to him they are pretty good to deal with

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