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Lennox metal cutting circular saw blade

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Just a quick review of the lennox steel cutting circular saw blade. I ended up buying this for a job site as we had about 12 pieces of 10x2x1/4 rect. tube to cut. Anyhow we cut that some 4"x 1/4 square tube and a bunch of angle iron and it's still going strong. Cuts with minimal sparks and not a bunch of crazy shrapnel. I needed to cut my skid plate down to size at home so I borrowed it, crosscut 24" of 1/4" plate in about 90 seconds. We always use Stick-kut on all our stuff so maybe that's helped it along. Nice piece I paid about $60.00 at Lowe's South San Francisco but I have seen them on Amazon in the $40.00 range. Mark


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So, how loud is that? :laughing:

I've been around my grandfather cutting 3/4" plate aluminum like that before and it was LOUDLOUDLOUD.
I use a miluwakee all the time to cut steel plate, its loud but not much louder than a 9" grinder. But the cut quality is as good as you can get without a mill.
About the same maybe a little louder than wood. The rect tube was louder than the plate, ringing sound. Mark
How wide is the blade/kerf?
About .125 Mark
That is pretty impressive, I've never cut that thick (not sure if this can). I'll have to keep my eye out for Stick-kut too. I've been using an $80 HF unit

The first time I cut 16gauge, I couldn't tell it wasn't cutting plywood. Well, except the noise and hot chips flying everywhere.

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I asked about blade thickness because I recently needed to slit 1" sq tube. I coulda machined it but really wanted a faster method, so I set up a convoluted fence on my welding table. Thing is I needed a .125" wide slit *minimum*, and both of my metal cutting circulars (Milwaukee corded and cordless) use blades that are .071 to .075. I wound up using an abrasive blade in a regular wood circular because the abrasive blade was .125. It pretty much sucked and I had to be extra-aware to keep the blade from flexing/wandering.
how's the kickback wit hthose?
Hmmm... So how do you use the Stik-Cut for this application? Stop every once in a while and apply to the blade, or what?

I have cut around 20 linear feet with this myself and have experianced no kick back at all. I put stick-kut directly on the blade, on steel it will smoke for a second but seems to help. We use it on hole saws and even abrasive wheels. It's not magic but seems to extend the life of cutting tools. Mark
So... it says to run these on a "metal-cutting curcular saw"... Is there anything wrong with running them on a regular 13A Skil circular saw?

ETA: looks like the regular wood-cutting circular saws run 5krpm, while the metal ones run 3600rpm...

My regular worm drive saw has an rpm of 4600, My blade say's 5800 max. Mark
I have cut a full 4x8 plate into 8inch squares with the Milwaukee saw. and it was fawking awesome. The blade and the work were cool to the touch, the chips however are blue as they come off the metal... Works like a dream.
I used the Lennox metal blade (Lowe's ~$60) when my Bullet Industries blade went dull and I needed a new blade quick to finish a project.

I cut a bunch of .125 steel diamondtread floor plate with a regular Skil circular saw, worked great, nice, clean, straight cuts.
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