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... or not :flipoff2: I don't have that many questions.

I just got my Summit fuel cell, a 16 gallon polyethalene (sp) tank with a 0-90 ohm sending unit. Well... Couple things. It has a 2" sump, and has two pickup's in that sump; I bought a plug for it (-8 AN plug) hoping to plug one of the pickup's, and just use the other... Well, the plug Summit sent is about 1/4" too short. :shaking: So what do I do? Should I send the plug back (it's marred now because I don't have a special - wrench.. or something, I don't know), keep the plug (it was only like 2 bucks), or make it work somehow? :confused: Or should I just order a tee, and use both of the sumps, and tee them together? My concern was what if one of the sumps gets air.. then I have air in my gas line... hazza :rolleyes:.

Next question... the sending unit has two nuts on top, and neither is marked. I know one goes to the gauge, and the other goes to the frame as a ground, but does it matter which? If so, how do I tell which is the ground, and which is the feed?

And finally... Just to show my uber-noobieness... How long do you guys think my d44 will last under my full size k20? :grinpimp: I told my dad one.. maybe two trips. Why so many trips you ask?! I have a VERY heavy foot... I think it's actually led, welded to my floor boards, but anyways... I'll be running in sand, out in the woods, and probably some mud (I live in Michigan now... It's what these guys do), and I'm picking up some 38.5's at the very least.. Junkyard dude says he has 4 tires in better condition though, so we'll see what I get into. It has stock EVERYTHING! Brakes, gears (4:10's), U-Joints... everything. Guesses anyone? :D

Thanks for reading my long and ever-drigressing thread;
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