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It’s good to know that this flaming dick lover is thinking about my dick. If you got a problem with a 12 valve then you might as well be walking around with a dick in your ass, because you got my dick on your mind. Fuck your 5.3 pos. I’ll drive my Cummins up your ass. And you can talk about my balls too if you want because I posted a picture my 6.7 Cummins. Fuck off

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Give you another reason to

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You derailed the thread, great job!
Yeah, I'll take the credit on that one. I should have known my response would have only resulted in this guy talking about participating in butt sex...

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1985 Chevy 1-ton 4x4, 2005 Chevy 1500 Suburban LS 4x4, 1999(late) Chevy Silverado 4x4
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Here's an old pic of my '85 K20.5 lol.
I say K20.5 cuz it came factory with 1ton springs front & rear and has 1ton brakes factory too. If it had a D60 instead of the 10 bolt up front it would be a 1 ton.

14 bolt rear w/ detroit locker, 10 bolt w/ limited slip, 4.10 gears, 400 th trany, np 208, 2" lift springs front, 3" lift block rear, 350 stroked to 383 w/vortec heads, Edelbrock/ Carter AFB carb. Since this photo I raised her up (see above) to fit 38 tsl's removed the chrome junk on body & doors, left the rain shields above windows though as they actually have a function. Also removed bump guards running down the sides. With 38's on her who's gonna bump my doors lol.
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PS. I'm in the process of building a turbo'ed 5.3 snorkeled cuz Im a river rat at heart. Got a tent & inflatable bed made to fit on long beds for camping at the river.

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2001 Blazer Zr2
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-SAS Dana 44 & Ford 9" 4.88 gears with posi in the rear. Manual locking hubs front
-4.3L with 208,000kms & Hypertech Power programmer 3
-Factory 5speed Transmission NV3500
-Custom NP241/231 Transfer Case with cable floor shifter
Gas Composite material Auto part Automotive wheel system Metal

-James Duff Longarm Coil Lift front & Leaf springs rear
-35 " MTS
-Banana Armor 🍌 custom Winch Bumper
-Banana Armor 🍌 custom rock Sliders
-power/heated Leather Front seats
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This is a new addition for myself. Kinda bought it on a whim to replace an insurance write off of my 98 Jeep TJ.

Have been rocking this thing for the last 4 weeks and things were going good up until yesterday evening when i tried to rescue my sisters husband on the farm in his stuck truck. The rear of my transfer case decided to let go... have another thread I've started looking for advice as to what options and direction I should go to replace this. If anyone feels like lending some advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I know absolutely nothing about blazers or modified vehicles such as this rig, being a Jeep Owner of 22 years.
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Just a ranger.
4.0 V-6 swap
M5OD swap
BW1350 swap
D-35 swap
Ford 8.8 swap
64” leaf spring swap
Extended radius arms
Armored front axle
4” lift
Spartan ratcheting locker in the front
Lock rite in the rear
Custom built dog box

Now I have a custom front bumper that’s also an air tank, with a front receiver for a hitch mounted winch.

It gets beat on, on almost a weekly basis.

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