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Light bar has a mind of its own! Mounted in 2002 gmc truck .

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The truck hasn't been running at all in past 5 days.. Tonight the light bar came on by itself ... The bar has 2 layers of 12 led lights.. 1/2 was coming on & staying on other 1/2 would flash intermittently. Started truck flipped switch and entire bar lit. But reverted back to flashing when turned off.. Is the switch bad? Will it kill the battery? Could it start a fire under the dash? What should we do?
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If you are worried about it, disconnect the car battery. If you want more information maybe you should provide details. What kind of truck, what kind of light bar, how are the wires run, etc.
It was in the truck when we got it.. We are 2 widows & not mechanically inclined... We have a ton of snow here & it makes me wonder if moisture got into the switch...
Truck is a 2002 3 quarter ton 4x4 GMC. With an electric trailer brake.
Follow the wire
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