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light weight fwd transmission/transaxle?

I've been doing a bit of digging through the minibuggy builds using fwd transmission/transaxles but not many seem to mention which ones to go for based on gear ratios? Or maybe i'm just reading the wrong ones.. :p

Anyways, i'm looking for a light weight one similar to the VW o2j (o2j diff seems weak) with tall gearing so not so much top end speed is lost using about 33-35" tires. Maybe there's an auto one thats light? :shaking:

Power is a GSXR 1400, but its sprocket drive so i'm looking to change for something with shaft output to easier align to a transverse setup without causing weight distribution to become non-centered. Would work fine with a non-transverse setup and a jack-shaft though.

- typo'd title
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