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225/125 Amp welder, less than 20 hours of use on it. This thing is perfect for heavy welding like axle tabs, trusses, and cast work that requires special rod (like nickel and stainless) welding. It can also be adjusted down for welding on thinner materials like tube, etc.

Now that I am working at Blue Torch Fab, I have access to 6+ welders, so I can part ways with this one. Uses a standard 220V plug, like most every other welder out there.

It comes with a very nice ash-wood stick holder/table top, and a cloth case, both of which I made specifically for this welder. (yeah, that's right, a custom cloth cover, this thing has been taken care of!) I also have some assorted rods I will throw in with it.

These retail around $500 without any extras. Link1 Link2 Link3

First $400 gets it! Buyer pays shipping from BTF (Dothan, AL)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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