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Line Mountain at Rausch Creww

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I heard a rumor that Line Mountain off road was having a race at Rausch Creek early in 2012?
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The first place overall finisher of over 100 racers by the way. Congrats to Dan Guyer and F&S Racing.
Thanks, Happy. I seems like all that work finally paid dividends.

awesome vid dude!!
I especially like sound track of V8 and horn. :D
I especially like sound track of V8 and horn. :D
You need a siren. Way more effective.

Congrats Danny!
This was a fun race! Even after 2 stupid fn flats! Great race Dan!
Video from the race is done. It was a simple one camera shoot, tried to make it interesting/a little different than normal, it was just me walking around the graded rally section of the park
Line Mountain - Rausch Creek 4/28/12 // HeavyMetalConcepts - YouTube
Sick video as always, timely as usual.

HeavyMetal Concepts never disappoints.

Congrats to Dan!
Probably the most fun I have ever had racing. Great track and lots of cars to battle and pass.

Congrats Dan. You were real consistent and fast.
Thanks for posting the video guys. Congrats Dan and crew!
41 - 48 of 48 Posts
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