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Ok, here is the complete list of people that are signed up for the Dakota Challenge. I got this list from Black Hills 4x4 meeting tuesday night. If you have sent the info in and are not on the list email me at [email protected] and I will get it settled. There is 66 rigs now and I think they stop the list at 100 so if anyone wants to go get signed up.

2003 Challenge List
Keith Rowan
Don Owens
Mark Bill
Steve Erpelding
Mike VanBavel
Harold Weldon
Dan Dinelli
George Norton
Pat Helgeson
Mark Berger
Mike Knorr
Brain Knorr
Austin Dando
Phil Meisner
Steven Benson
Greg Kemper
Gary Behrens
Orlin Clark
Bob Flatten
Mike Croy
Cathy Croy
Lee Arney
RJ Rue
Jon Taylor
David Daily
Jamie Graham
Dave Christensen
Craig Laurich
Garry Shadwick
John Toumbs
Tim Miller
James Catt
Anthony Catt
Gary Schreiter
Beth Smith
Carol Rutchik
Paul Hansen
Tom Curley
Jim Finnelly
John Knox
Robert Kimbrell
Bruce Cockram
Rick Boardman
Vicki Strachota
Mike Karel
Tod Soeby
Clyde Goin
Brad Larson
Michael Woodlee
Deanna Sweetin
Brian Kille
Shannon Pittman
Trey Denison
Craig Ross
Terry Hawkins
Louis Ledlow
Delbert Galloway
Tim Adams
Mike Nalipinski
Eric Moe
Greg Gniffke
Jeff Ward
Craig Jesseman
Russ Bumgarner
Dino Velli
Mike Springer

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i'd like to go again but the dog rule has me as an outcast. i have a 3 year old border collie and she is way trained but they tell me NO dogs and because of my liveing situation she is always with me. no way im gonna stick her in a kennel for a week either. would love to be there tho

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oldjeep said:

You borrowing a mountain bike from someone? From the video I've seen I don't think that frame will bee too easy to drag through that place:laughing: :laughing:
Willys is well underway, with symmetrical doors even:flipoff2: Why don't you go out to DTC? Great family event, and you can actually go on some real rocks:flipoff2:

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LAME said:

Willys is well underway, with symmetrical doors even:flipoff2: Why don't you go out to DTC? Great family event, and you can actually go on some real rocks:flipoff2:
Looks like fun, and I'm sure they put on a good event but it would cost me over $400 just for the entry fee if I brought the whole crew. There are plenty of places that we can go for the price of a cooler full of sandwiches ;)

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You just missed the cut off date for a refund.

I ran lower buzzworm with you last challenge (brown YJ).

Right now we have right at 100 paticipants, still will allow a few more for anybody that wants to come.

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Good lord...how did this thing get brought back?!?!

Hey Goat Boy, I've been trying to get ahold of Jim or Greg to see if they still need help with the DTC. I can be down on the 23 & 24 for the pre run deal. I'm planning on coming down to do some camping with a buddy.

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BAHAAHAH :laughing:

Any of you guys going to dresser next weekend? I know Benson is. I saw Jeff Ward on the list, but don't worry he'll blow a bead pulling off his trailer or break a outer 60 shaft on the road to the trail, so you can count him out.:flipoff2:

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Whats up with the Dog thang. We have wanted to go for years but we have a vicious Black Lab. We have been on trail runs all around this great country and have alway taken our dog. (kid) She is most definetly more behaved than most kids.

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