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I just put about 1,800 miles on my (new to me) 1985 4Runner 22R-E over the past 3 days! I made it, but I am glad I am home too. During the drive I noticed the following and wondered if any of you may have any experience with what I am about to describe and may also have a solution for me.

I just got home and as such have not had the time to check to see what codes may be stored in the computer.

Day 1 – No issues

Beginning on day 2 after filling up, I would notice that when I would get up to highway speed the “Check Engine” light would come on momentarily and then turn off. This happened the remainder of the day.

On Day 3 I noticed that the light would come on at my favorite driving spot about 2800-2850 RPM’s and stay on until I slowed down considerably. It got so I was only able to drive about 60 mph! I thought that I may have gotten a bad tank of gas at a questionable station earlier that day so when I found a NAPA advertised on the hwy I stopped in got a fuel filter and had a local shop put it in for me.

After having the fuel filter installed I continued on with ¾ of a tank of what I think may have been “bad fuel” still in the tank. At the next stop I put in some Chevron 88 octane fuel. It ran like a champ for ¾ of the tank and the light did not come on and I was able to pull hills in 5th gear and I was loving life. Then at ¼ tank the light started to come on again and I noticed that I was having to downshift to get up hills and it seemed sluggish. So when I filled up again I tried putting in some 88 again to see if that would do the trick again. I did not but, over the next several hours about 12 to be exact, I also noticed the following:

1. I could make the light come on by driving for about :30- :45 seconds at approx 2650-2750 RPM’s but that I could also make it go off by depressing the accelerator to the floor for 1.5-2seconds and then within 1-2 seconds the light would go off on its own.
2. If I drove at 3,000 RPM’s the light would not come on but fuel economy was worse. If I drove around 2,400 - 2,500 RPM’s the light would not come on.
3. If the light was on and I downshifted to 4th thus increasing the RPM’s the light would go off.

So as it sits right now I can get the light to come on at will by driving at a specific RPM range and also get it to turn off as I mentioned above. When the light was not coming on during Day 1 and during ¾ of that one tank of gas on Day 2 the truck was performing very well. If I can get the light to come on performance also seems to suffer a bit.

Thoughts and Suggestions?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your assistance.
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