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jeeperrick said:
Please correct me if I'm wrong, I am under the impression that the bypass to the box, is directly to the left if heading in from Loon and it will take you down Dollar Hill into the end of the box. If this is so, can someone from the Jamboree Office please tell why the cook crews on their annual Fathers day run took it upon themselves to deviate from the trail by going thru the two trees on the far left of the box.
Unfortunately I was unable to catch up with them to redirect them to the trial. :shaking:
I'm not from the Jamboree office but I would guess they took the "Two Trees" route because that has been the de-facto Little Sluice bypass since 1948. It was probably some of those stupid old people . . . You know, the ones with gray hair and all. :rolleyes:
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