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Lone Star Cruiser Roundup Registration, NOW OPEN!!

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Paypal is preferred.....

Come join the Lone Star Land Cruisers, Todd Kaderabek and El Presidente, Tony Twiddy at the FIRST ANNUAL LONE STAR CRUISER ROUNDUP!!!!

Registration is limited to the first 110 entries...

Hint LSLC will have about 60 of these entries....Hint

Make sure you register ASAP, we want a great turnout for our first event.

Live music, Texas BBQ, Camping, Shopping in nearby Fredricksburg with shuttles....plus much, much more.

For all you East coasters that have always dreamed of Moab but could never make it, the terrain at Katemcy is VERY similar to Moab. Slickrock Granite....no mud, no muck...

Let's wheel!!!


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I am planning on making it....just don't have $125 to drop on registration right now. Hopefully by the end of the week. Should be fun, never wheeled Katemcy, never wheeled my cruiser in its current configuration, never been to a TLCA event...I can't wait!!:D

SAWEET!!!! Just checked....my spring break is that week...I am there. I assume there will be a few empty passenger seats for those of us who usually can't get a rig wheelable in time :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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