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looking at a change in PROGRESSION Points

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It was suggested by a real old time competitor, that we might want to look at changing the progression point rule....

The idea is to place more value on actually making progress through the course.

I knid of like the idea but don't want to make a "new system" harder on the judges

Thinking about sometime like either a flat increase in the value, like 3 points instead of 1, or something like 1 point for gate 1, 2 points for gate 2, 3 pts for gate 3

The second choice would give added value for each gate, while the 1st would be easier on the judges. Both would give you the same point value for a course with 3 gates or 5 gates, but would differ on 4 gates. (no progression on bonus gates)

What think the masses...... any other ideas?

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I like the added value to each set of cones. Would spread out the scores more I would think also. Usually the easiest set of cones is the first, gets harder as it goes on.
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