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Looking for 4.5" RE coils

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I need 2 Rubicon Express 4.5" front coils for a 99 TJ. I would prefer some used ones that are already broken in. I can give you cash or parts in trade as I have a lot laying around. Thanks.
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4.5 Coils

I have an extra set from my wifes rig. I'll trade for a front Lock-Rite for my YJ, or let me know what you have. I'm in Sac.
Open to trades!:)

They were on for a couple of months. Still in real good shape, I can take a pic and E-mail it to you tonight if you want. Is the Detroit for the 4.56 gears? :D
I'll send the pic tonight. What part of So. Cal. are you in? I could possibly meet you somewhere if you want them. Catcha Later, Thanx.
I'm not sure that we will make it to the calrocs event. If not I'm sure we can figure something else out. I sent the pic, if you need others just let me know. What condition is the detroit in? If you want them let me know. Thanks.
How about 100.00 plus shipping? Give me a call if you still need them.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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