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Looking for a buggy hauler.

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Hey guys I am looking for a buggy/crawler hauler, I am using two trucks and two trailers right now to haul all of my junk around and it's getting old.

Basically what I'm looking for is something I can load my buggy up on and either pull a 21ft enclosed trailer or camper with. I don't have unlimited funds but I am looking for something newish that has to be reliable.

Another thing is that I live up in Canada so its gotta be able to pass a safety inspection, also any help on delivery to the border would be greatly appreciated and compensated for.

Either post up here with the details or pm me, thanks very much guys!
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how about a 32' GN with a camper already built onto it? load whatever rig you want and still have living quarters?

I have one for sale right now :D

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