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Looking for a builder for my tj

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I'm looking for someone to build my rig, with my new position at work and a 3 year old and lack of skills I can't get anything done.
What I have done so far.. Removed 4 banger bought ax-15 and 23spline 231 mated them to a 302 with advanced adaptor and center force 2 clutch installed..all together not in jeep needs mounts built..
What I have.. BTF 4link triangulated kit for rear and BTF 3 link for front I have a hp44 78 f-250 and a Dana 70 with a disk brake kit..
Going to buy coil overs for front and air for the rear once I have weights and length..
Have the cash and green light from the wife...

[email protected]
541-817-7498 Josh
I'm in southern Oregon but will haul wherever to get it done right...
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I vote for G-Fab too. Graeme is a great guy, super cool, will always give you the time of day whether you are having him do work for you or not. I do know him personally, but only just recently. I have always heard good stuff about him, and when I finally met him he was exactly how I'd heard. He has what many consider one of the coolest single seater buggies around, and it has been in CRAWL. You can see it in the cool single seater buggies thread on this board. He's building a tube framed 4-linked CJ-7 right now for his trail ride rig, pretty cool. Anyway, get in touch with him. He's also the head of 4-Locked Films, so google search 4-Locked Films and you can see his 6-shoota buggy on there (though the pics of it on there are a bit outdated), and you can get in touch with him through there as well, or watch vids on facebook, etc. Anyway, I'd vote for him, based on knowing him, and on where you live. Good Luck!!
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