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Looking for a builder for my tj

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I'm looking for someone to build my rig, with my new position at work and a 3 year old and lack of skills I can't get anything done.
What I have done so far.. Removed 4 banger bought ax-15 and 23spline 231 mated them to a 302 with advanced adaptor and center force 2 clutch installed..all together not in jeep needs mounts built..
What I have.. BTF 4link triangulated kit for rear and BTF 3 link for front I have a hp44 78 f-250 and a Dana 70 with a disk brake kit..
Going to buy coil overs for front and air for the rear once I have weights and length..
Have the cash and green light from the wife...

[email protected]
541-817-7498 Josh
I'm in southern Oregon but will haul wherever to get it done right...
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I have checked out all the referrals... I still need to make contact with a couple of you guys gfabs website doesn't work I can't find any contact info. I have been talking with Todd Blanchard in vancouver wa. He'll of a nice guys builds some great stuff from the pics.. I think I'm selling all the ford stuff and going chevy with a auto and getting a 60 front axle. Thank you everyone for getting me in a good direction......
Todd is an awesome guy, and does some super clean work. His new buggy is an amazing machine, mechanically and visually. I have had the pleasure of wheeling with him for awhile now and he is a top notch individual, and a skilled fabricator.

I would keep heading down that road. :smokin:
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