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looking for digital display for guages

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im wondering if anyone makes a simple digital display for basic guages? something similar to a deisel programer read out. im building a new dash and want to make it as sleak as possible and would like to just have a small lcd screen and gps. any inputs? all i came up with was some super high end race car stuff that includes g-tech like features, lap times, etc. im pretty sure some gps systems will give me read out for volts but i still need water temp, oil pressure, and maybe boost.
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Depending on your motor you could go with someones old android phone or a small android tablet and power cable. either a bluetooth OBD2 dongle or a micro/mini USB to OBD2 port cable. Then run Torque or similar ap.

just about as sleek as you could get and still be less than what is on the market.
The day someone makes a weatherproof affordable tab I will be upgrading my dash immediately.

J. J.
otterbox and a sub 300 buck tab. drill holes and run the cables in and mount the tab in the box. Run a smart action or task manager app and set the settings like.

charging (you turn on ignition) = run Torque
charging + daytime = run torque + display brightness at XXX
charging + nighttime = run torque + display brightness at XXX

the only downside being if you do not run the rig for a while the battery in the tab will die or shut down so just make sure you can still open the otterbox to access the power button.

But for cheap you can run a old generation droid phone off ebay as you do not need phone service to upload and run apps, just a wifi access. :D
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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