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looking for digital display for guages

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im wondering if anyone makes a simple digital display for basic guages? something similar to a deisel programer read out. im building a new dash and want to make it as sleak as possible and would like to just have a small lcd screen and gps. any inputs? all i came up with was some super high end race car stuff that includes g-tech like features, lap times, etc. im pretty sure some gps systems will give me read out for volts but i still need water temp, oil pressure, and maybe boost.
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I'm wiring my whole car with racepak. If u have obd2 get the racepak obd2 interface and the iq3 dash (without the data logger)

You can tell the dash when you want the warning lights to flash
What are the price tags on the OBD2 interface and where are you getting them?
Direct racepak. Call em
Obd interface was around $700. That part is still another month out. Backordered:(

What is most cool is the brand new "smart wire" solid state wiring system. I'm working on mine now. You can program up to eight layers of logic for every command. For instance-consider the fuel pump: when switch is "off" the fuel pump will work only if 1. Ignition is on, AND 2. Oil pressure is above 10 lbs (but computer will wait 15 seconds after start up to check this 2nd requirement) But if I turn switch "on" the fuel pump is on regardless of all other parameters. 2nd fuel pump automatically comes on if computer finds 1st pump has blown it's amperage "fuse" 3 times with a 1 second delay between tries.

The "smart wire" solid state control is user programed using sensors already in place from the obd2. Plus you can plug extra sensors into the smart wire that are not from the obd2 or run smart wire independent from obd2. Has 32 output commands with up to 120 total amps. Eliminates all fuses and almost all relays (not starter and ecu is not run thru the smart wire)

So cool and I'm not a computer guy. Don't even play video games.
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