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2 sets of 4.56 gears 8.5": SOLD
30 spline Auburn LSD: 170
30 spline open diff: 30
2 sets of 6 lug 30 spline rear axle shafts: 40 per pair
disc brakes complete: SOLD
Spicer 1310 yoke: 10
Saginaw S44 yoke: 10
2 rear stock diff covers: 5 each
stock half ton spring plates (for ubolt flip): 15
half ton u-bolts for 4-5.5" blocks... SOLD
2.5" cast iron lift blocks: 15
adjustable traction bars; go above leafs; prevents axle wrap; sells in jc whittney for 80 bucks: yours for 25

also have 2 rear housings, but i doubt they are worth picking up.

pics available upon request
located in houston texas
prices do not include shipping
i'm open to offers/trades i need a 600-700 watt mono amp, could use some offroad/auxillary lighting, power inverter, alarm, msd ignition.... whatever, let me know what you got.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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